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Gender Development (03:43)


Gender develops during the eighth week of pregnancy. Meet Jonny from the Barahona Province, Dominican Republic. Jonny is genetically male but was born without a penis.

Dihydrotestosterone (02:37)

In the Barahona Province, one in 90 males are born without a penis and raised as females. These men did not produce dihydrotestosterone in the womb, the hormone that transforms the tubercle into a penis.

Guevedoces (03:48)

During puberty, the men in the Barahona Province born without a penis will have their testicles drop and grow a penis.

Facial Development (02:33)

During the fourth week of pregnancy, the face begins to form, layering five sheets of cells. The most common condition with face development is a cleft lip or palate.

Cleft Lip (04:05)

Meet Oliver, an infant with a cleft lip. Watch as Felicity Mehendale surgically fixes the cleft.

Fingerprints (02:21)

During the tenth week of pregnancy, fingerprints begin to develop. In a small percentage of people, they do not form, a condition known as Immigration Delay Disease.

Dominant Hand (04:21)

During the 11th week of pregnancy, a fetus begins developing a dominant arm. About 90% of the world is right-handed; the left-handed trait has the advantage in a fight. Meet Tom Stalker, a left-handed boxer.

Melanin (03:28)

During the 13th week of pregnancy, skin color begins to develop. Ethnicity can create additional melanin resulting in darker skin. Albinism is a congenital disorder characterized by little or no melanin production.

Albino United (02:20)

Albino people in Tanzania face prejudice. Albino United formed to support the Albino community.

Blood Cancer (02:04)

During the 14th week of pregnancy, individuality and survival ability develops. Meet Jo, a Surrey woman with blood cancer.

Immune System (04:13)

During the 14th week of pregnancy, the immune system develops. Everyone's immune system is varied to protect the human race; this can make transplant options difficult. Jo hopes for a donor.

Daredevil Behavior (03:49)

During the 15th week of pregnancy, brain connections begin to form. Risk taking behavior develops in varying amounts.

Nature vs. Nurture (04:57)

Risk taking behavior begins with testosterone in the womb but can increase depending on a person's upbringing. The influx of testosterone increases our competitiveness.

Transgender (04:42)

During the 16th week of pregnancy, the brain develops a gender. This occurs two months after the body has physically developed a gender. Meet Maddie, a seven year old transgender girl.

Parenting Transgender Children (03:46)

Estimates vary, but it is thought that one in 10,000 is transgender. See a preview of the next episode of "9 Months That Made You."

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Credits: One of a Kind: 9 Months That Made You

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