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Introduction: Can We Time Travel? (03:55)


Meet Norman, Marisol, and Paul and hear their thoughts about the possibility of time travel. The volunteers begin their quest in Time's Square with a video message and puzzle from Hawking.

Grid Plan (02:12)

Norman, Marisol, and Paul try to solve the number puzzle from Hawking by traveling the streets of New York City.

Cartesian Coordinate System (02:31)

Rene Descartes was known for his work in the mathematical study of nature. A house fly inspired the realization that position can be determined with three numbers.

4th Dimension (02:49)

The Cartesian coordinate system allows locations to be pinpointed. Norman, Marisol, and Paul arrive at the party that has ended. They find another puzzle.

Representations of Space and Time (02:08)

Time travel would require moving through the fourth dimension. Norman, Marisol, and Paul are presented with their second puzzle, maps of New York City labeled with different times.

Visual Representation of Time and Space (02:21)

Norman, Marisol, and Paul use time signatures from the video to plot where they were in space at different times. They stack the maps to solve the puzzle.

Albert Einstein (02:10)

Einstein started as a patent clerk and eventually revolutionized physics. In 1905, he published a paper that changed the way people view time and space.

Space Time Map (02:02)

Norman, Marisol, and Paul try to decipher the visual representation of time and space that they have created. Time and space do not exist separately.

Traveling Backwards in Time (02:45)

Hawking doubts that it will ever be possible to move through space time in the typical way people imagine it. Norman, Marisol, and Paul arrive in the Arizona desert for their next challenge

Magical Parking Lot (02:49)

Norman, Marisol, and Paul receive directions for the challenge. Lanes represent moving forward and backward in time. The volunteers predict what it will look like to travel back in time.

Moving in Sync (03:45)

Paul and Marisol realize the flaw in their logic when a second DeLorean appears. A third car illustrates the new future caused by the forward and backward travel.

You Cannot Travel Backwards (01:33)

Norman, Marisol, and Paul realize the fundamental issue with backward time travel. Duplicates of time machines and people could not suddenly exist.

Traveling to the Future (02:29)

Norman, Marisol, and Paul investigate whether it is possible to travel forward in time. A line of clocks with no numbers running at different speeds provide the first clue.

Black Holes (02:47)

These stars with an extreme amount of mass compacted into a relatively small amount of space create the strongest gravitational field in the universe. An astrophysicist explains Einstein's theory of general relativity.

Traveling Forward in Time (03:47)

The volunteers participate in an experiment to understand how warped time near a black hole can be used to travel to the future.

Distorted Space Time (01:37)

Paul understands why time behaves differently near a black hole. Warped space time can theoretically be used to travel to the future.

Time Travel Experiment (03:10)

The volunteers are challenged with sending one of them to the future. Gravity is stronger near Earth's force, which makes time pass more slowly.

Speeding Up Time (03:13)

Norman and Marisol travel to a higher elevation while Paul stays closer to Earth's mass. They will later compare clocks to see how gravity warps space time.

Time Travel Achieved (02:27)

The volunteers reunite to compare the times on their atomic clocks. The clock that stayed near the Earth's mass moved slower than the clock at high altitude.

Conclusion: Can We Time Travel? (01:58)

Norman, Paul, and Marisol reflect on the possibility of traveling through time.

Credits: Genius By Stephen Hawking: Can We Time Travel? (00:23)

Credits: Genius By Stephen Hawking: Can We Time Travel?

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World-famous scientist Stephen Hawking sets three ordinary people a series of mind-blowing challenges. Can they think like a genius? Can they work out if time travel is possible?

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