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Flawed Forensics: The System with Joe Berlinger— Introduction (01:31)


Berlinger attempts to convince a man to do an interview but he refuses. This segment orients viewers to the topic of the American criminal justice system.

FBI Scandal (03:01)

Sloppy procedures and skewed reports at the FBI crime lab may have led to many wrongful convictions. Willie Jerome Manning was sentenced to death in 1992; hair analysis was a contributing factor. He received a stay of execution 12 hours before the event.

Hair Analysis Testimony in Question (03:10)

Berlinger speaks with Manning about the FBI scandal from his brother Marshon's house. John Huffington was released after spending 32 years in prison; DNA testing set him free.

Out on Bond (03:05)

Huffington has been living in a transitional house since his release five weeks ago. He is currently in a pre-trial state; other evidence could potentially send him back to prison.

Accused of Murder (01:49)

Manning's execution was stayed but he remains on death row. Fred Whitehurst describes the FBI as a human enterprise. Berlinger travels to meet the mother of the woman Manning was accused of murdering.

Tiffany Miller's Murder (03:49)

Tiffany's mother and sister describe her life and discuss what they believe happened the night of her murder. Berlinger reflects on their feelings about the case.

Murders in Mississippi (03:34)

Journalist Jerry Mitchell covered the murder of Miller and Jon Steckler; another double murder occurred less than a month later. Berlinger discusses what he knows about the murder investigation.

Forced Testimony (03:31)

Likeesha Harris, the former girlfriend of the key witness that testified against Manning, discusses the pressure by authorities to provide testimony against Manning. She and Kevin Lucious recanted their statements. Huffington attends a transitional job training and counseling program for former inmates.

Diana Becker's Murder (04:58)

Huffington discusses his background history. Bill Watson discusses his sister's personality, her death, and the death of John Hudson. Deno Kanaras and Huffington were arrested.

Forensic Evidence (01:51)

The FBI crime lab linked a hair and fingerprint at the murder scene to Huffington. Watson explains why he believes Huffington is guilty. Attorney Ryan Malone says anyone could have touched the vodka bottle.

Forensic Justice Project (03:24)

Whitehurst exposed the questionable work of FBI agent Michael Malone. He and David Colapinto filed freedom of information act requests to investigate his cases. Ryan Malone discusses an internal FBI report on Michael Malone.

Exposing the FBI (03:05)

The Washington Post revealed that flawed FBI forensics may have convicted innocent people and that the U.S. Justice Department was aware of the practices. Huffington reflects on the time he lost while in jail. The FBI reanalyzed evidence in the Huffington case; the state of Mississippi refused the FBI's offer to pay for DNA retesting in the Manning case.

Challenging the System (02:33)

Whitehouse reflects on his treatment after exposing flawed FBI forensic practices. Former Inspector General Michael Bromwich discusses the reach of the implications.

Manning's Case (03:36)

The prosecution is fighting the motion to retest DNA samples. Manning discusses what he wants people to know. Miller's family members express their feelings about Manning; David Voison reflects on their response.

Huffington's Case (02:09)

Watson questions the fairness of the criminal justice system and believes Huffington needs to return to jail. Huffington says the system is about truth and justice and there should never be a rush to judgement. Whitehurst says the nation is a victim of the justice system.

Credits: Flawed Forensics: The System with Joe Berlinger (00:05)

Credits: Flawed Forensics: The System with Joe Berlinger

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The fates of two men are still entangled in the FBI’s faulty hair analysis from 20 years ago. Both men were found guilty of multiple murders and now one is on the outside, recently released and waiting for a retrial, while the other, after coming within hours of actual execution, is hoping that long-awaited DNA testing will finally prove his innocence. The uncovering of faulty forensic analysis by the FBI 20 years ago means that two men have a second chance at proving their innocence.

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