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The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy—Introduction (01:28)


After 20 years of climate negotiations, there is finally an international agreement in place.

World Future Energy Summit (04:28)

World leaders, investors and businessmen gather in Abu Dhabi for a summit on renewable energy. Dubai's DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) solar project produces cheap power and has issued a "wake-up call" for others around the world.

DEWA's Achievement (02:17)

Michael Liebreich discusses the low price per kilowatt hour that DEWA Solar attains. DEWA CEO Saeed Mohammed al Tayer talks about how company employees were lucky and surprised by how well the project functioned.

Low Price Energy (04:20)

As solar energy prices keep declining, countries and companies the world over rush to develop solar projects. Mike Eckhart speaks about the predictability of falling solar prices and why it was inevitable.

Manufacturing Economics (01:31)

Eckhart explains the difference between manufacturing economics and resource economics. He knew the numbers proved that renewable energy would eventually be cheaper than fossil fuels.

China's Alternative Energy Plan (04:05)

Zhang Xiliang speaks about the pollution and smog in China. Eckhart discusses China’s international plan using polluting technology to develop wealth and transition to renewable resources.

China's Transition to Green Energy (04:45)

Xiliang illustrates the manufacturing cost curves that show why China believes mass adoption of renewable resources is economically viable. Liebreich speaks about the Chinese and German influence behind the financing of China's alternative power.

Investing in Alternative Energy (04:26)

Jochen Wermuth explains why investing in solar power and other renewable energy has become more desirable to large investors, especially in the Middle East.

Press Conference Dubai (02:55)

Wermuth attends a press conference in Dubai to announce that solar power is cheaper than oil or gas.

Investor Attitude Changes (02:22)

Liebreich talks about how upsetting the energy paradigm leads to social changes. Warren Buffet led the charge to investing in green energy projects.

Tipping Point (03:22)

Eckhart speaks about the amount of capital becoming accessible to green energy investment. As renewable energy becomes a profitable and trusted technology, investment increases.

Storing Household Power in Cars (04:41)

Robin Berg explains his idea to use electric car batteries to store extra power from solar grids to decrease waste energy. He believes the battery network, if successful at the neighborhood level, could expand to a national system.

El Hierro's Solution (03:40)

Wermuth speaks about the success of El Hierro's renewable energy program. Javier Morales talks about the objectives and origins of the project. Belén Ellende speaks about the utopian nature of El Hierro's project.

Make the Whole World Renewable (03:43)

Eckhart speaks about the stability and longevity of most renewable energy projects that are not subject to the fluctuations of the fuel market. Morales speaks about how El Hierro's energy program positively benefits the community.

Credits: The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy (00:28)

Credits: The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy

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You won’t read about it in the papers, but a silent worldwide revolution is taking place: renewable energy is becoming cheaper than energy from fossil fuels. More and more, opting for wind and solar energy is no longer an ethical choice but an economic one. This will speed up the transfer to renewable energy. Countries like Brazil, Australia, Chilé and parts of the United States are switching to renewable energy for economic reasons. Over the coming years, the price of solar and wind energy will keep falling rapidly. The number of countries where the tipping point for renewable energy has been reached will continue to rise. A surprising newcomer is Morocco, for example. By 2020 the government expects to meet more than 40 percent of the demand for electricity with solar energy. The Netherlands is nowhere near ready yet.

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