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Tick Allergy: Introduction (03:25)


Professor Sheryl Van Nunen recently linked mammalian meat allergy (MMA) in individuals who incorrectly removed a tick. Joy Cowdery tested her diagnosis to negative results.

Midnight Anaphylaxis (03:29)

Van Nunen noticed a correlation between recent MMA cases on the North Shore and a history of tick bites. Dr. Stephen Doggett catches paralysis ticks.

How Ticks Cause MMA (03:34)

Ticks inject an alpha-gal and protein compound into the bloodstream of individuals who are bitten. The compound tricks the immune system into thinking the alpha-gal is dangerous. Low-grade MMA can appear as a case of diarrhea or attack of nausea.

Tick Bite Allergy (04:36)

Allergies occur when an individual squeezes the tick and its saliva is released into its victims' bloodstream. Jonica Newby demonstrates how to properly remove a tick and its larvae. Cowdery now wears protective spray and apparel before gardening.

Swift Parrot Update: Introduction (03:03)

Less than 2,000 swift parrots live in the wild because of sugar gliders. Dejan Stojanovic installed hundreds of safe habitats for the birds to breed. He and Matt Webb can predict where the birds will migrate each year.

Nesting Hollows (02:24)

Industrial logging, firewood collection, and land clearing practices reduce the breeding areas for the swift parrot. Sugar gliders consume the birds as a food source. Stojanovic explains why swift parrots who nest on islands like Bruny exhibit increased reproduction success rates.

Saving the Swift Parrot (05:44)

Stojanovic and Webb designed a box to mimic hollows in the trees. Their crowdfunding campaign created hundreds of new habitats for the swift parrot. The two researchers continue to experiment with ways to improve the bird's reproductive success and keep out the sugar gliders.

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Mammalian meat allergy is on the rise in Australia and the surprising cause is a tick bite. Dr Jonica Newby meets Dr Sheryl van Nunen, the clinician who discovered the link, and this story is a must-see if you want the latest tips on how best to remove a tick. In 2015, we brought you a story about the swift parrot—one of Australia's most charismatic birds, but also one of its most endangered. Logging and land-clearing have decimated their habitat but conservation biologist Dejan Stojanovic also made the startling discovery of why the parrot numbers were plummeting so rapidly—the deceptively sweet sugar glider was eating them. Mark Horstman returns to Bruny Island in Tasmania to witness their remarkable recovery.

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