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Medicinal Cannabis: Introduction (03:58)


While most think of cannabis as an illegal recreational drug, only one compound in the plant makes a person stoned. Over 200 compounds have therapeutic effects when combating diseases such as epilepsy, memory dysfunction, and schizophrenia. Ancient Syrians, Indians, Chinese, and people in the Middle East have used the plant for medicinal purposes.

THC (04:25)

Tethrahydrocannabadiol is psychotropic, but also has therapeutic uses including appetite stimulation and pain reduction. Cannabidiol reduces anxiety and inflammation. CB1 and CB2 receptors within the brain bind to the cannabis.

At the University of Sydney (04:05)

Anastasia Suraev visits families who children use cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy. Nothing controlled Hunter's Dravet syndrome until Ljae Elwell started giving him cannabis. She saw improvement almost immediately.

Analyzing the Serums (04:16)

CBD appears less yellow than THC. Jordyn Stewart describes how there are hundreds of chemical compounds in cannabis. Researchers experiment with mice and different cannabinoids to discover their therapeutic properties.

In the Clinical World (04:02)

Ingrid Scheffer emphasizes the need for randomized double blind clinical trials to discover the efficacy of cannabis. Another study tests CBD in adults plagued with epilepsy. Lachie Davidson's seizures shorten.

Another Study (03:16)

A new study linked seizure reduction with CBD in patients afflicted with Dravet Syndrome. In Australia, Alzheimer's patients show improved memory skills when treated with Cannabidiol.

St. Vincent's Hospital (03:41)

Dr. Richard Chye is beginning a study in Australia to test the effects of THC in Cancer patients. The cannabis will be delivered through a mini-vape. LJae Ellwell hopes more medical studies will research the effects of cannabis as a way to prevent loss of function.

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The anecdotal evidence that cannabis has a positive effect on a long list of medical conditions from epilepsy, pain, cancer, even Alzheimer’s disease is building. However, to date there’s been scant clinical evidence to back up these claims. At long last that’s changing. Researchers are now applying scientific rigor to convert anecdote into data and it turns out there’s plenty of promise in this so-called “wonder weed.”

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