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Testosterone: Introduction (04:47)


Testosterone increases muscle mass, bone strength, and molds the male mind. Richard Wassersug describes his interest in the side effects of Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT), which stops the production of testosterone to prevent the growth of cancer. Navigational strategies are impaired due to the treatment.

Testosterone in Women (05:38)

Susan Davis describes her study testing the mental rotation ability and verbal fluency of post-menopausal women after testosterone therapy. Testosterone allows individuals to use less brain power when performing these tasks. Andrew Whitehouse studies child development, language delays, and the effects of testosterone.

A Dominant Hormone (03:30)

Men focus on breasts and hip to waist ratios, while women focus on faces. A study of over 4,000 men discovered that those with higher testosterone were less likely to marry. Scientists theorize that cortisol hampers the negative effects of the hormone.

Modulating Cortisol and Brain Activity (03:07)

Denson created an MRI studied which analyzed people's ability to control their anger during an anagram test. By antagonizing participants while filming an MRI, the study showed anger control issues. Research links a man with high testosterone and increased risks for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Low Testosterone Risks (04:34)

T4DM tests if testosterone supplementation and a medical wellness program can prevent pre-diabetes from becoming diabetes. Participants describe how much better they feel after the study.

Jane Goodall: Introduction (06:05)

Jane Goodall reminisces about spending time at Gombe with chimpanzees and arriving as a scientist, but leaving as an activist. The primatologist describes communicating through body language. Roots and Shoots is an organization that tries to make individuals aware of their impact on the environment.

Credits: Testosterone / Dr. Jane Goodall—Catalyst (00:19)

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Testosterone has long been considered the hormone that makes men masculine. But is this common perception selling the hormone short? Meet Dr. Jane Goodall DBE, world-renowned primatologist, humanitarian, conservationist and UN Messenger of Peace.

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