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Forensic Future: Introduction (03:47)


In 1990, a corpse was discovered submerged in water with the hands and feet missing. At the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine mortuary, experts hope to build a 3D image of what the person may have looked like. Owen Redman left for work and disappeared.

New Technologies (04:55)

Authorities were unable to identify the body because there were no fingerprints, dental records, or conclusive DNA analysis. In 2007, Australian police reopened hundreds of cold cases and exhumed the corpse. Using craniofacial superimposition technologies, forensic anthropologists can match the skeletal remains to a picture.

Unsuccessful Imaging (04:30)

Forensic authorities resorted to DNA testing to identify the corpse. Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) give individuals a unique profile. The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine matches DNA profiles using the Combined DNA Index system (CODIS).

Reconstructing Appearances (05:30)

Phillips visits the University of Canberra to see if it is possible to reconstruct a full-color photograph of a person using a DNA sample. Phenotypes help predict appearance traits such as eye and hair color and ancestry. Experts describe how the technology can help identify human remains and assist law enforcement.

Tabby's Star (03:51)

The star was originally categorized by its Kepler Input catalog number; Tabetha Boyajian calls it the 'WTF Star.' Originally, astronomers believed a planet was passing in front of the star, but now believe the star is getting dimmer.

Explanations for the Star's Behavior (05:08)

The Alien Megastructure theory is implausible; a data glitch is most possible. Other theories include comet fragments, a complex planetary system, and interstellar mediums.

Preview and Credits (00:09)

See a preview of next week's "Catalyst" episode on the Great Barrier Reef. (Credits)

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Forensic Future / Alien Megastructure—Catalyst

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Around our country, there are human remains sitting at forensic storage sites unidentified but for a case number. They are potentially the loved ones of those still living, but there has been no way of matching them for sure. Catalyst investigates an unsolved mystery of a man whose body has been exhumed from the grave, whilst revealing how cutting edge forensics together with developments in DNA testing, are working towards quite literally putting a face to the nameless. Something massive, with roughly one thousand times the area of Earth, is blocking the light coming from a star about 1,400 light-years away, and nobody is quite sure what it is. Without a natural explanation, even the world’s most reputable astrophysicists have been forced to consider the possibility of an alien-built megastructure. Such an extraordinary idea would, of course, require extraordinary evidence, which is exactly what we’re in search of as we turn our eyes and telescopes towards this perplexing celestial object.

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