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Spectrum of Risk (02:26)


Hear men women describe why they drink despite consequences. Questions are presented that may help someone determine if they have an alcohol problem.

The Problem With Binge Drinking (02:08)

Kenzie is a young professional who often travels for work. She recently experienced a break up and the death of a friend. She is in Denver on Halloween and plans to drink a lot.

Halloween Party in Denver (05:48)

Watch as Kenzie drinks 14 drinks over the course of a night. She thinks she has had four or five. The night ends with her fighting with her friend in the bar.

The Next Day... (02:26)

Kenzie's friend Kim comes over to get ready for another night out. They both drink a lot, but "haven't gotten raped or murdered yet. "Kenzie has trust issues from a break up.

Play Hard Work Hard (03:20)

Kenzie her friends attend a party where she consumes 15 drinks and ends up in the men's bathroom. She is crying by the end of the night.

Binge Drinking Explained (02:40)

Most binge drinkers are between ages 18 and 34. Consequences increase with the amount and frequency of alcohol consumed. There is a spectrum of risk.

Dangerous Drinking (04:42)

Mike's son is visiting him in the Virgin Islands. He gets drunk and tries to convince his son to come live with him. He knows it is unhealthy for his son to be his caretaker.

Saying Goodbye (02:51)

Mike wants his son to stay with him because he feels less lonely. They go into town for rum and cigarettes before he leaves.

Later That Night... (02:11)

Mike heads to the bar to get drunk after his son leaves town. He tells the story of his wife stabbing him while they were drinking. He wants to fix his life.

12 Hours Sober (04:29)

Mike's ex-wife decides their son cannot return to the Virgin Islands to visit his dad. He signs up for a treatment program in L.A. He talks to his wife from the facility.

Hoping for a Better Future (02:32)

Mike visits his wife in Denver before starting treatment in L.A. They discuss their relationship, which has been wrought with violence.

Self-Sabotage (02:33)

Mike gets drunk and his wife leaves him to walk home from a restaurant. Marcia says she is done with the relationship.

After Leaving Rehab Early (02:32)

Mike opted for alternative treatment to try to get his drinking under control. He is back to heavy drinking.

Pharmacotherapies for Alcoholism (02:33)

Dr. Stephen Ross explains how the spectrum of problem drinking is used to treat alcohol disorders. Long term treatment is important to success.

Mom's Happy Hour (02:05)

Rhonda lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas and writes the "mom who drinks and cusses" blog. She has found friends through her writing and they bond over alcohol.

Thursday Night at Rhonda's (02:44)

A group of friend gets together for "Mom's Happy Hour" and discuss how they use alcohol. Noel opted to drink rather than attend her daughter's fifth grade graduation.

Feeling Bad and Still Drinking (02:25)

Noel uses wine to escape. She expresses suicidal thoughts and regret for missing her daughter's school event.

The Next Morning... (02:43)

Noel wakes up with a hangover and spends her day doing damage control. She is ashamed and embarrassed. Drinking impacts her relationship with her kids.

Later That Summer... (02:31)

Noel has lost her motivation to quit drinking. She feels like her daughters parent her. Rhonda feels that she has been negligent.

Moderation Management (02:22)

Noel has decided to get treatment and announces her plan with Rhonda at a group dinner.

Alcohol Progression and Blackouts (02:36)

Deidra Roach M.D. says women should be concerned when alcohol becomes a friend. Drinking, anxiety, and depression can create an endless loop.

The End Game (02:15)

Neal is a 57 year old husband and father. His blood alcohol content is 0.43.; he is at significant risk of death. See him 35 days earlier admitting he has a problem.

Drunk at Work (03:34)

See Neal sit in his car drinking alcohol while on a break. He plans to go into the hospital to detox.

Physical Dependence (02:09)

Neal gets drunk before heading to intensive care to detox safely. He and his wife talk about how they met.

Intensive Care Unit (03:16)

Neal's blood alcohol level was 0.32 when he was admitted. The doctor tells him what to expect from the DTs. Detox will not cure his alcoholism; he will die without further treatment.

One Month Later... (02:30)

Neal has been sober for 30 days. He feels like he is getting a second chance with his grandson.

Four Months Later... (03:22)

Neal remained sober for 35 days after detox. He has relapsed and plans to go to a treatment center. His muscles are weak from alcoholism.

Effect on the Brain (02:31)

A person who has reached physical dependence cannot stop drinking. The frontal cortex stops working properly with excessive drinking.

Participant Updates (00:57)

Learn where to get facts about problem drinking and treatment. Read updates on Kenzie, Noel, Mike, and Neal.

Credits: Risky Drinking (01:12)

Credits: Risky Drinking

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From Oscar® and Emmy®-winning filmmaker Ellen Goosenberg Kent and journalist/producer Perri Peltz, Risky Drinking takes a case-study look at the risks of alcohol use and the ways in which the medical community is viewing and treating “risky drinkers” today. Profiling four subjects (filmed over the course of several months in 2014), who fall at different points on the spectrum of problem drinking, from binge drinking to alcohol dependence, the film provides an up-close-and-personal look at men and women from different walks of life, united in their struggle with alcohol and its detrimental effect on their physical health, relationships and happiness. Interspersed with these powerful stories are informative interviews with addiction experts, who explain the science behind alcohol-use disorder, as well as stunning statistics about its prevalence and hazards. Equal parts informative and empathetic, Risky Drinking is a humanizing account of the serious, often lifelong problem of alcohol addiction, offering strategies and resources for those who are, many times, literally fighting for their lives.

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