Segments in this Video

Amnesia (02:26)


Actor, singer, and co-host of "The Real" Adrienne Bailon encourages people to stop being passive and make their voices heard.

Everybody (02:42)

Singer, songwriter, and actor Prince Royce talks about the proposed wall between Mexico and the U.S. He emphasizes that every vote counts.

Secret (02:47)

Author and social justice advocate Julissa Arce became an undocumented immigrant at age 14. She used fake papers to work on Wall Street.

Cartoon (03:07)

Political cartoonist, writer, and producer Lalo Alcaraz talks about his art form, negative feedback, and helping people think about politics in a new way.

Politica (03:11)

Author, journalist, and Telemundo host María Celeste Arrarás grew up with politics and learned the best way to fight corruption is journalism.

Mama (04:25)

Stand-up comedian, producer and writer Cristela Alonzo says Latino issues are only addressed in election years. Her mom was happy to move to the U.S. and having electricity and running water.

USA (02:25)

MSNBC contributor and President Voto Latino Maria Teresa Kumar encourages people to remember the 2006 civil rights march and recognize the potential of the Latino community.

Bonito (04:11)

Actor, director, and producer Armando Riesco recalls telling his Cuban parents that he was offered a role in a movie about Che Guevara.

Radical (02:49)

Comedian, writer, and producer Gabe Gonzalez remembers hearing his parents fight about the 2000 election because they supported different candidates. Not voting is giving up a right not all people have.

Women (02:33)

Singer and songwriter Ivana Mena talks about the fight for reproductive rights and wage inequality.

Imagination (03:31)

Writer, scholar, filmmaker, and curator, and professor at Columbia University Frances Negrón-Muntaner talks about creativity and courage as the Latino voters' biggest contribution to American politics.

Frontline (05:10)

Actor, singer, speaker, and veteran JW Cortés talks about his time in the Marine Corps and the Iraq War. When service member goes to war, their whole family is affected.

Ratoncito (03:26)

Puerto Rican born, actress, singer, and composer Jeimy Osorio talks about the opportunities she has had.

Chingale (02:54)

Comedian, actor, and writer George Lopez talks about the importance of exercising the right to vote, which others fought for. Silence is ignorance.

Voice (04:37)

Peer navigator at Homeboy Industries Jose Arellano talks about his childhood. His education suffered and he joined a gang before being incarcerated.

Equal (03:18)

Journalist, author, and Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos is a Mexican immigrant. He talks about opportunities and the importance of the Hispanic vote.

Credits: Habla Y Vota (01:31)

Credits: Habla Y Vota

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Habla y Vota is the fourteenth installment of HBO Latino’s award-winning "Habla" series, which comprises over 200 testimonials from U.S. Latinos—including celebrities, recognized professionals, and everyday Latinos—who’ve shared their funny, poignant, and honest stories about being Latino in the U.S. Featuring leading Latino celebrities and inspiring personalities and in order to raise the voice of the Hispanic community during the 2016 elections, Habla y Vota will be part of a bigger effort to reach Latinos and encourage voting in November. This one-hour non-partisan documentary special, in both English and Spanish, will feature Latino storytellers sharing their personal experiences directly to the camera for a national audience.

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