Titles in this Series

An English-Speaking World

Item #: 36923

The Mother Tongue

Item #: 36924

A Muse of Fire

Item #: 36925

The Guid Scots Tongue

Item #: 36926

Black on White

Item #: 36927

Pioneers! O Pioneers!

Item #: 36928

The Muvver Tongue

Item #: 36929

Loaded Weapon

Item #: 36930

The Empire Strikes Back

Item #: 36931

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A work of profound scholarship and powerful storytelling from host Robert MacNeil, this classic nine-part PBS series remains one of the great narratives of linguistic studies—and is now available on digitally re-mastered, menu-driven DVD. Steeped in history, geography, sociology, and political drama, The Story of English has little to do with dictionaries, official documents, or highbrow literature. It is a tale of language used for immediate needs—in street talk, popular entertainment, war, and trade—and it covers more than a millennium of civilization’s ebb and flow. Vividly capturing a sense of global dynamics, the series travels to 16 countries and across 5 continents as it follows the evolutionary path of the first worldwide language. 9-part series, 58–59 minutes each.

Item#: BVL36922

ISBN: 978-1-4213-6086-7

Copyright date: ©1986

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