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20/20: The End of the Road— Introduction (02:40)


This segment orients viewers to the case of the “affluenza" teen and the recent manhunt for Ethan Couch and his mom Tonya.

Burleson, Texas (02:53)

The Boyles family went to help a woman whose SUV spun out in front of their home; Pastor Brian Jennings stopped to help. Ethan, with seven teenagers in his truck, sped down the street. (Credits)

Couch's Drunken Ride (02:59)

See a computer generated model of Ethan striking the SUV and bystanders. Survivors and witnesses call 911 and search for loved ones. Eric Boyles recalls the fatal scene; his wife and daughter were killed.

Brian Jenning's Loved Ones (02:26)

Kevin McConnell recalls looking for his friend and realizing his son was also involved in the crash. Hear McConnell's 911 call. Shauna Jennings, Brian's wife, arrived on the scene shortly after McConnell.

Police Search For a Suspect (03:01)

Ethan survived the crash and walked away. Locals find him passed out in a ditch and take him to a hospital. Ethan's blood alcohol content level is excessive.

Case Against Ethan Couch (03:10)

Surveillance of the Couch home gives police evidence of what happened before Ethan got behind the wheel. Assistant D.A. Alpert details the prosecution's case. Witnesses give their depositions.

Preparing a Defense (02:53)

After Couch returns home from a treatment center, Dr. Dick Miller attempts to explain Couch's actions. Friends attest to Ethan's drinking. Prosecutor Alpert affirms there were warning signs before the fatal crash.

Filing Charges (04:05)

The prosecution files charges against Ethan, hoping for a 20 year sentence. Miller suggests treatment, citing "affluenza" as the cause of the teen's poor decision-making.

Couch Family Speaks (02:13)

While some lawsuits are settled out of court, the McConnell family is determined to pursue a court case. Lawyers Greg Coontz and Todd Clement, investigated the Couch family lifestyle. See a portion of Ethan Couch's deposition.

Prior Legal Trouble (03:18)

Couch's parents admit the teen drove while underage, but deny knowledge of his drinking. Four months before the fatal crash, police found Ethan urinating in a parking lot and an underage girl drunk in his car; Tonya Couch arrived on seen. Ethan did not complete mandated alcohol awareness classes and community service.

Living Like an Adult (02:52)

The Couches address their decision to let Ethan live on his own while they lived in another town. Ethan discusses the level of alcohol and drug use common at his parties; he recalls the night of the fatal crash.

Skipping Town (04:10)

The judge that sentenced Ethan to probation steps down. The McConnell family decides to settle rather than continue with the trial. When a new video of Ethan partying appears on Twitter, Ethan and Tanya flee to Mexico.

Hiding in Mexico (03:46)

Tonya and Ethan were found in Puerta Vallarta. Tonya was charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. Ethan continues to fight deportation from Mexico. (Credits)

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Friends of Ethan Couch say he drove into oncoming traffic before a fatal crash that claimed four lives. The term "affluenza" is used as part of his drunken-driving defense. After receiving probation, a video of Couch's partying lifestyle appears on Twitter and he skips town. The "affluenza teen" becomes the center of an international search. 

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