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Crossing Lines: Women and Men at Work— Introduction (01:32)


High profile women filed sexual harassment charges against Roger Ailes; hear portions of their story.

Hostile Work Environment (04:35)

Gretchen Carlson had a challenging work life. When attempting to alert Ailes about her co-hosts bad behavior, Ailes sexually harassed her. These events culminated into Carlson's termination from Fox News.

Carlson's Lawsuit (03:58)

In response to her lawsuit, several people came to the defense of Ailes; 21st Century Fox opened an investigation. Several women stepped forward with similar stories, including Megyan Kelly. Ailes was soon relived of his position at Fox News.

Champion for Other Women (02:15)

Carlson shares letters she received since her story broke. She challenges the term "unlikely feminist."

Carlson's Early Years (03:34)

Carlson describes her childhood in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. By her mother's suggestion, she used her violin talents to secure the crown as Miss America.

Sexual Harassment Experiences (01:59)

As Carlson pursued a career change, she was shocked when a man who had previously been helpful, became aggressive. Not long afterward, she experienced something similar with a high-level PR representative.

Carlson in New York (04:21)

Reporter Penny Crone gave a lukewarm reception to Carlson at her first press conference. Carlson recalls being sexually harassed by a photographer.

Campaigning Against Harassment (03:02)

Carlson dismisses the idea that harassment only happens to a certain type of woman. She is adamant that no one should suffer sexual harassment. Carlson took her concerns to the U.S. government.

Laurie Luhn (04:01)

Luhn states that Ailes pressured her into a sexual relationship; she worked for Ailes for over two decades. She explains why she decided to speak out.

Rewards With a Price (03:40)

Though Luhn felt she was trapped in a negative situation with Ailes, she received promotions. Her reputation began to suffer because of office gossip. Luhn sought counseling and finally reported the sexual harassment, receiving a large settlement from Fox News.

Role of Human Resources (03:47)

Lauren Jones recalls her supervisor groping her at work and the reaction of management. HR Executive, Sophia Shapiro offers the best course of action for success when dealing with HR and sexual harassment incidents. She states that HR's ultimate loyalty is for the company, not the employee.

Preparing Children for Workplace Success (02:48)

Carlson discusses how she hopes to prepare her children for their future. Carlson's daughter has high hopes and sees her mother as a hero.

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Gretchen Carlson gives an exclusive television interview in special 20/20 hour on sexual harassment. The report features interviews with other sexual harassment accusers and advice from a former HR executive on what to do when faced with harassment. 20/20 anchor, Elizabeth Vargas, reports a special hour on sexual harassment, interviewing accusers and exploring what to do when faced with this problem. Former Fox news journalist, Gretchen Carlson, gives her first television interview to ABC News’ 20/20 about the sexual harassment she says she faced throughout her life. Carlson tells Good Morning America news anchor, Amy Robach that she was sexually harassed for the first time shortly after becoming Miss America and also during her television career. Additionally, Carlson’s daughter, 13-year-old Kaia, discusses why she thinks her mother is a role model for women. Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against former chairman and CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes, who stepped down after mounting pressure came from additional employees with similar accusations. 21st Century Fox Corporation settled the lawsuit with Carlson for $20 million and issued a public apology. Also in the hour, former Wall Street trader, Sam Polk talks about the sexist atmosphere he says he observed at the workplace. Former Human Resources Executive, Cynthia Shapiro, reveals how HR departments may not always be on the employees’ side when it comes to a complaint of sexual harassment. The report also features the lengths some people will go to prove their case of sexual harassment, including secretly recording their boss, and how parents can approach the conversation about sexual harassment with their children.

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