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Why Someone May Attempt Suicide (03:04)


Psychiatrist, Patrick McGorry and Psychotherapist Julie Lynn Evans identify risk factors, including: depression, poor mental health, abuse and/or neglect, poor peer relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, additional stress, and more.

Recognizing Warning Signs (02:41)

Changes in a student's behavior could be the first indication of something more serious. These could include: changes in appearance, behavioral changes, emotional changes, attendance, or self-harm.

Responding to Students at Risk (02:14)

When teachers suspect a student may be at risk for suicide, they should contact school support staff. It is important that a teacher does not try to handle the situation alone.

Key Trap for Teachers (02:56)

McGorry warns teachers to not dismiss warning signs as behavioral issues. To help students, teachers may have to modify homework expectations. If students are experiencing bullying or low peer relationships, teachers can choose groups or encourage students to get involved in activities outside of class.

Coping With Loss (03:42)

A student's death has far reaching consequences. Students will grieve in many ways. Tips include: encourage discussion, be okay with short conversations, and provide options for managing strong feelings.

Experiencing and Overcoming Grief (02:07)

It is important to maintain routines to provide stability and regularity for students. Teachers should remember to support each other and find additional support if needed.

Credits: Understanding Youth Suicide: A Guide for Teachers (01:01)

Credits: Understanding Youth Suicide: A Guide for Teachers

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Understanding Youth Suicide: A Guide for Teachers

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Suicide has been a taboo subject but attitudes are changing. There is a push to raise public awareness and openly discuss and seek different approaches to this complex, highly emotive issue to help prevent suicide. Unfortunately teachers, students and school communities should be prepared to deal with this tragedy. In this program, Psychiatrist Patrick McGorry and Psychotherapist Julie Lynn Evans talk about, in a sensitive and informed manner, factors that may lead to thoughts of suicide, warning signs, what to do if you suspect a student is contemplating taking their own life, how to respond to a student in distress, coping with the tragedy of a student taking her own life, and how teachers can support themselves as well as students and the school community. The short film and commentary was produced in consultation with Psychologist Susan O'Brien, MATS; CEDP. This is essential viewing for all high school teachers wanting to tackle this difficult subject matter but not sure exactly how.

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