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What is Risk Management? (02:45)


Risk management minimizes occupational health and safety risks. Potential sources of risk include infection, manual handling, medication errors, IV problems, and patient identification errors. Find the sources, assess the risk, identify potential solutions, and implement a plan.

Infection Control (04:00)

Viruses, bacteria, fungi, or prions all contribute to patients becoming infected. Infection can spread through contract transmission, indirect transmission, droplet transmission, airborne transmission, and vector transmission. Precautions include hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, correct handling and disposal of syringes, and cleaning the physical environment.

Manual Handling (02:14)

Injuries in the workplace increase costs for the organization and reduces productivity. Strategies for mitigating the risks include assessing the workplace, individual workers, and equipment for potential dangers— consider the duration, repetition, frequency of actions, weight of the object, and distance it needs to be moved.

Medications (02:52)

Errors can be administrative, nurse related, or caused by ineffective communication. The Seven Rights of medication administration mitigates the risks associated with handling medication. New strategies that help prevent errors include physician computerized orders, barcode medication verification, and electronic medication administration records.

IV Therapy (02:02)

Ninety percent of hospital patients receive IV therapy— risks include syringe injuries, potential contamination, infusion errors, and dosing and medication errors. Strategies to mitigate potential risk include establishing routines, educational training, cross-check risks with another staff member, and standardizing operation of equipment.

Patient Identification (02:34)

Systems must be implemented to distinguish patients from each other; at least two identifiers should be required. Potential patient impairments include being unconscious, sensory disabilities, confusion, and sleeping pills.

Credits: Risk Management for Nurses (00:30)

Credits: Risk Management for Nurses

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Nursing, like any job, has its inherent risks. But in nursing, more than other fields, risks present themselves on a daily basis, and the impact of these risks can have serious consequences. It is critically important then for nurses to be aware of the risks around them, and be well equipped to deal with them in the best way possible. This essential program provides a framework for management of risks; from identification and assessment, to potential solutions, and a risk management plan. It then examines common areas of risk for nursing professionals; from infection control and manual handling, to medication errors, IV therapy, and patient identification.

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