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Introduction: Ratio Analysis (04:16)


Morse introduces ratio analysis and explains how to track a company over time and compare multiple companies using cross-sectional analysis.

Liquidity (06:00)

Learn about liquidity and how to calculate liquidity ratios. Practice calculating liquidity ratios from a balance sheet.

Profitability (07:51)

Learn about profitability and how to calculate profitability using gross profit margin, operating profit margin, and return on capital employed. Practice calculating profitability ratios and commenting on profitability using financial information.

Efficiency (08:17)

Learn about efficiency and how to calculate efficiency. Practice calculating turnover ratios, cash conversion cycles, and cash turnover cycles using financial information.

Gearing (02:46)

Learn about gearing and how to calculate gearing using long term loans and shareholders' funds.

Investor Ratios (05:13)

Learn about investor ratios and how to calculate investor ratios using the dividend yield and the price/earnings ratio. Compare a portfolio of shares using financial information.

Credits: Ratio Analysis (00:38)

Credits: Ratio Analysis

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Ratio Analysis

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In business, the bottom line is the numbers. Whether it's a major global corporation or a sole trader based at home the health of a business comes down to whether the figures stack up or not. But business analysis is not just about that one figure in the bottom right hand corner of the spreadsheet often it's about ratios the relationship between two or more of those all-important numbers. This film looks at ratio analysis in business. Featuring a presenter, together with Barry Morse from the Cardiff Business School, it explores the key areas of liquidity, profitability, efficiency, gearing and investor ratios and how different metrics can be used to make a range of meaningful and wide-ranging analyses about the state of any business.

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