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Motivational Theory: Introduction (02:53)


A motivated individual is more productive, sick less frequently, and will remain in the position longer. Managers discuss the optimal employee for their organization. At Jobsite, Keith Potts initiated a program called ESET, which provided feedback to management from the staff.

Maslow's Hierarchy (02:27)

Abraham Maslow detected five levels that determine how motivated a person is: physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. One can only progress to a higher level after the more basic needs are met. Citizens describe money as the main motivation for working.

Case Study Pizza Express (02:24)

Pizza Express keeps their employees motivated by providing training, career paths, fair remuneration, good communication and managers listen to feedback. The "Exploration Program" exposes managers to more development and allows them to solve business decisions.

Herzberg, McGregor, and McClelland (02:23)

Learn about the Motivation-Hygiene theory, Theory X, Theory Y, and McClelland's Human Motivation Theory.

Case Study: The Trafford Center (01:22)

Amanda Wilson describes incentives for her employees including praise, customer feedback, and development programs. The "Bright Days Scheme" provides incentive for employees to think of ideas to increase productivity and efficiency. The World Class Service award is given to an employee nominated by customers, co-workers, or their managers.

Case Studies: This Planet Earth and The Playhouse Company (03:06)

Ian Clarke finds satisfaction in selling "Doctor Who" merchandise because of his customers' appreciation. Richard Frost keeps motivated though watching his company grow and cautions patience.

Case Study: Intercontinental Hotels Group (02:40)

The Intercontinental Hotels incorporated a core purpose phrase into their doctrine. Leslie McGibbon describes how every position incorporates "Great Hotels Guests Love" into their job description.

Credits: Motivational Theory (00:49)

Credits: Motivational Theory

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What motivates us? Why are some more motivated than others? Knowing what motivates people, and keeping them motivated, is essential in business. This film explores motivation and some influential modern theories (including Maslow's Hierarchy Herzberg, McGregor and McClelland), and catches a glimpse of how they play out in the real world. A number of different companies are used as case studies and owners, operators and managers from business and industry provide an insight into how motivation plays out in the workplace. Interviewees: Lisa Crabtree (HR advisor), Garry Williams (Sold Out Software), Keith Potts (Jobsite Group), Gerard Callaghan (The Leighton Group), Julie MacDonald (Pizza Express), Amanda Wilson (The Trafford Centre), Ian Clark (This Planet Earth), Richard Frost (The Playhouse Company) and Leslie McGibbon (InterContinental Hotels Group).

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