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Introducing Jazz (00:49)


View a Louis Armstrong quote about jazz. Improvisation and different interpretations of one melody are common to jazz.

Elements of Jazz (05:00)

Jazz has evolved since its birth in New Orleans in the early 20th century, and has spread internationally. Instruments include: double bass, drums, piano, vocalists, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone. Dan Robertson explains concepts of swing rhythm, improvisation, syncopation, and blue notes.

Origins of Jazz (03:22)

Early 20th century New Orleans was a melting pot and facilitated a musical cultural exchange. African rhythms and European harmony influenced jazz— traditional Caribbean music and dances, spirituals, work songs, ragtime, blues, creole music, brass, and marching bands.

Evolution of Jazz (06:09)

African-Americans danced to early jazz; whites embraced the genre during the Jazz Age. During the Swing Era, larger ensembles played simple arrangements. Jazz types include: bebop, cool jazz, hard bop, and jazz fusion.

Credits: Introducing Jazz (00:02)

Credits: Introducing Jazz

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Introducing Jazz

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Radical, free and rebellious in attitude, jazz is out on the edge and always evolving. Ideal for music students new to the genre, this program introduces common musical elements of jazz, the origins of jazz in New Orleans, and the evolution of jazz music styles over the last century. A broad range of audio samples, historical footage and practical demonstrations are woven throughout this resource.

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