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Cultural Diversity in Nursing Overview (01:03)


Nurses communicate with an increasingly diverse public. This program offers a starting point for training in transcultural nursing.

Defining Culture (04:55)

Social anthropologist Caroline de Fina defines culture as language, values and beliefs shared by a community and providing social structure. Society includes dominant and minority groups; value conflicts can occur. Multicultural societies hold universal values.

Multiculturalism in Australia (03:43)

Multicultural policy tries to show citizens how to coexist under a democratic government system and promotes respect and equality between cultures. De Fina discusses Australia's immigration history and race relations.

Transcultural Nursing (03:45)

There are health inequalities based on race and ethnicity; migrants generally have little knowledge of the healthcare system. Cultural background, expectations, beliefs, and context influence medical interactions. Nurses should be understanding, empathize, and have patience and respect for patients.

Cultural Conflict (03:23)

Discrimination based on race, religion, or nationality can lead to limited healthcare access. Nurses should treat patients equally and avoid stereotyping. Migrants often experience culture shock; learn about symptoms.

Effective Cultural Communication (05:31)

Communication includes verbal, vocal non-verbal, and body language; Australian English can be challenging to learn. Touch, eye contact, and personal space differ between cultures. Nurses should involve family, accept patient health ideas, and use interpreters when needed.

Credits: Cultural Diversity and Nursing Practice (00:29)

Credits: Cultural Diversity and Nursing Practice

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Cultural Diversity and Nursing Practice

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Professional nursing requires a highly sophisticated set of communication skills. Every day, nurses must effectively communicate with people of differing religions, ages, sexes and cultures. To deliver the most appropriate and effective medical treatment to such a broad spectrum of people, nurses must have an understanding of the way different cultures interact. Framed as a discussion forum, this program offers a starting point for training in transcultural nursing. We define culture and multiculturalism in Australia, and discuss the aspects of transcultural nursing, the dangers of cultural conflict, and effective multicultural communication methods.

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