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Introduction: The Nature of God: Let's Talk about Religion (00:44)


Religion provides answers to difficult questions. This video explores how Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism view God and God's relationship to mankind.

Christianity: Nature of God (05:48)

Religious sects include: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican, Quakers, and Amish. Christians discuss the omnipresent nature of God, God's relationship to mankind, and the Holy Trinity. The Old Testament and The New Testament contain the religious doctrine.

Buddhism: Nature of Buddha (06:41)

Based upon the teachings of Buddha who lived over 2,500 years ago, Buddhists do not believe in a concept of God, but a way of life based upon meditation and reflection. Religious Sects include Theravada, Mahayana, and Vahrayana. Practitioners discuss the five precepts of Buddhism.

Islam: Nature of Allah (06:37)

Islamic teachings are based on the prophet Mohammed; Allah is eternal, formless, and loves everyone. Religious sects include Sunni, Shi'a, Sufism, Ibadi, and Quranism. Muslims discuss the concept of Allah, Islamic doctrine, the Qur'an, Fatwa, Sharia Law, Zakat, and suffering.

Credits: The Nature of God: Let's Talk about Religion (00:10)

Credits: The Nature of God: Let's Talk about Religion

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The Nature of God: Let's Talk about Religion

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What kind of god do you believe in? Can human beings get in touch with a higher power? In this program we look at some core beliefs across the three religions of Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. Viewers are introduced to the Buddhist, Islamic and Christian conceptions of a supreme being in this thought-provoking program.

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