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Introduction: The Environment: Let's Talk about Religion (00:18)


This program will explore how Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam believe humans should interact with the natural world.

Buddhism (05:09)

Buddha was born, died, and became enlightened under a tree. Buddhists seek to find a meaningful relationship with natural world, eat a vegetarian diet, and mitigate pollution and climate change. Monks believe that animals should be respected and individuals should live in harmony with the environment.

Christianity (05:04)

Humans should appreciate the world's beauty, because it is the sign of an intelligent creator. Christians believe that God wants us to be responsible stewards of the Earth and take care of it through recycling, innovations in science, eliminating global warming, and taking care of animals.

Islam (05:28)

Muslims should respect and care for the world because Allah gave it to them. The Hadith teaches that individuals should only take what is needed and minimize the pain and suffering of animals. Climate Change is a direct result of man's abuse of nature.

Credits: The Environment: Let's Talk about Religion (00:11)

Credits: The Environment: Let's Talk about Religion

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The Environment: Let's Talk about Religion

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Most religions have teachings, beliefs and principles relating to the Earth and its natural environment. This program explores various aspects of those beliefs through the eyes of followers of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. Areas examined include caring for the natural environment and human relationships with nature, climate change and animal rights.

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