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Robin Olds: Introduction (01:59)


Olds attended West Point and made the All-American football team. He was a "natural pilot" who flew well over 100 combat missions, scored several kills in two wars, and became commandant of the Air Force Academy.

Olds' Early Years (02:47)

Olds was born in 1922. He was heavily influenced by his father Gen. Robert Olds and military aviation. He recalls listening to airplanes and watching pilots as a youth. Olds tried to enlist in the RAF at the age of 17 but was denied.

Early Military Education (03:42)

Olds attended West Point, made the All-American football team, and underwent flight training; his father died two months before he graduated. Olds learned to fly P-38s and was anxious to join the war.

Fighter Ace (05:44)

Olds, part of the 479th Fighter Group, recalls his first mission and creating a combat scenario. He scored two kills during his first air-to-air engagement and 24.5 by war's end. He recalls advice from Carl "Tooey" Spaatz.

Post-War Assignments (02:41)

Olds coached football at West Point before transferring to California to fly the P-80 Shooting Star. He helped create the first jet aerobatic team and recalls the crash of Pappy Herbst. In 1947, Congress made the Air Force a separate service branch.

Olds' Desire for Combat (02:16)

Olds married and revamped gunnery training; he did not fly combat in the Korean War. He was assigned to the Pentagon and devised a way to fly combat in Vietnam.

Later Military Career (03:33)

Olds commanded the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing; he and Daniel "Chappie" James shot down the highest number of MiGs in one day. Olds became commandant at the Air Force Academy.

Credits: Legends of Air Power: Robin Olds (23:14)

Credits: Legends of Air Power: Robin Olds

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Triple-ace and salty-tongued Robin Olds literally wrote the book on tactical air power. The son of a major general, Olds was born for combat. His distinguished career included 107 combat missions in World War II and 152 in Vietnam, and 17 kills in each. And along with Daniel “Chappie” James, he became part of a flying duo known as “Blackman and Robin.” And on his time away from battle, Olds even found time to marry a movie star.

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