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Igor Sikorsky: Introduction (01:43)


Sikorsky designed and built the first four engine plane and worked with Charles Lindbergh on sea planes. He most closely associated with helicopter design.

Sigorsky's Early Years (03:09)

Sikorsky was born in Kiev, Russia in 1889, was interested in science, and enjoyed Jules Verne. He studied in Paris, enrolled in mechanical engineering in Russia, and returned to Paris in 1909. He envisioned building an aircraft with vertical lift.

Multi-engine Aircraft (03:07)

Sikorsky built several small planes and was in charge of the aviation subsidiary of the Baltic Railroad Car Works. He designed multi-engine planes including The Grand and the Ilya Muromets. Sikorsky became a target for the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution.

Russian Immigrant (03:45)

French authorities commissioned Sikorsky to build a large bomber but the end of WWI ended French interest in Aviation; Sikorsky traveled to the U.S. He lived in poverty but established a following among Russian immigrants. He and a few supporters began building a twin engine plane but ran out of money; Sergei Rachmaninoff covered expenses.

Aviation Visionary (04:06)

Sikorsky designed the S-29 A and the S-38 flying boat, successfully recruiting investors. He envisioned all metal airliners that would travel between continents and believed strongly in intuition. Sikorsky befriended Charles Lindbergh.

Aviation Collaboration (02:10)

The S-40 was Sikorsky and Lindbergh's first collaborative effort. Sergei Sikorsky recalls listening to his father and Lindbergh in the evenings. Sikorsky designed a series of amphibious aircraft and began designing the helicopter.

Helicopter Development (04:38)

Sikorsky believed the helicopter would be successful and envisioned it as a rescue craft. Sikorsky and his team built the VS-300 and made the first test flight in September 1939. Other helicopters include the R-4 and the UH-60 Black Hawk.

Credits: Legends of Air Power: Igor Sikorsky (00:31)

Credits: Legends of Air Power: Igor Sikorsky

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In 1919, Igor Sikorsky landed on these shores from Russia dreaming of a career in aviation. His determination and faith in his own ability to build what many considered to be an impossible vehicle lead to the world’s first practical helicopter. Because of this, the helicopter is an integral part of many difficult missions, including the saving of thousands of lives in both peace and war.

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