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John Alison: Introduction (01:09)


Alison became a pilot and secretly traveled with high level diplomats. He helped fleeing Americans in Russia, established a Lend-Lease supply line in the Middle East, and helped invent an aircraft-based commando operation.

Alison's Youth and Military Beginnings (02:50)

Alison was born in Micanopy, Florida in 1912. He became fascinated with flight while in high school, earned an engineering degree, enlisted in the Army, and underwent flight training. Alison was skilled in flying the P-40 Warhawk.

Lend-Lease Act (02:08)

President Roosevelt started the Lend-Lease program in 1941 and Alison went to train English pilots on the P-40. Germany invaded the Soviet Union and Alison was sent to Russia with Harry Hopkins.

Military Observer (02:55)

Alison was an observer in Russia and trained Russian pilots to fly the P-40. He was denied access to a Russian fighter and restricted to Moscow. Air raids came closer and American embassy personnel were ordered to withdraw; they fled to Kuybyshev.

Alison Seeks Combat (02:46)

Alison learned of the attack on Pearl Harbor while in Kuybyshev. He and Lt. Col. Townsend Griffiss left for London, stopping in Baku and Tehran; Griffiss left Alison in Tehran.

Alison's Unknown Activities (04:24)

Russians took possession of supplies in Tehran. In Basra, Alison helped shuttle light bombers to the Russians. B-25 bombers started arriving and Alison established a logistics operation; he learned that Griffiss was killed before arriving in London.

Alison Finally Sees Combat (03:54)

The American Volunteer Group in China was the first American Air Force to see combat; the Army Air Force formally absorbed the group. Alison reported to the 75th Fighter Squadron and entered a battle with Japanese bombers.

Commando Air Force (03:06)

Imperial air forces outnumbered American and Chinese forces but were unable to claim air superiority. Alison and Phil Cochran built a force of C-47s and gliders to move 12,000 troops into China. Alison became 5th Air Force Operations Officer.

Credits: Legends of Air Power: John Alison (00:14)

Credits: Legends of Air Power: John Alison

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John Alison was a kid from central Florida who dreamed of becoming a pilot, and grew up to be one of the best the United States ever produced. But Alison also traveled secretly with the highest level diplomats in the world, drove the getaway car when Americans fled the Nazi advance through Russia, and without orders set up a critical lend-lease supply to the Middle East. John Alison proved over and over again what an extraordinary man he is, as a flier, trainer, diplomat, and warrior.

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