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Russ Dougherty: Introduction (01:05)


Doughtery enlisted in the National Guard at the age of 15. He was an Army Air Corps pilot, a flight instructor, and a military lawyer.

Dougherty's Early Life and Career (02:09)

Dougherty was born in November 1920 in Glasgow, KY. Military tradition was part of the family and Dougherty enlisted in the National Guard at the age of 15. In 1941, Dougherty took a job with the FBI in Washington D.C.

U.S. Declares War on Japan (02:28)

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. entered WWII. Dougherty joined the Army Air Corps and trained to fly bombers. He became an instructor and taught pilots to fly advanced trainers and B-17s.

Post-WWII War Career (02:12)

After the War, Dougherty became an inactive Army Reservist and attended law school. He received a commission in the Air Corps and became active after graduation. Dougherty recalls becoming Wing Judge Advocate; he continued to fly B-29 bombers.

Korean War and SAC (03:55)

Dougherty was the Assistant Judge Advocate for the Far East Air Force but flew troop carrier and evacuation missions. In 1951, he became the assistant trial attorney for the Air Force; all lawyers were grounded. General Harmon assigned Dougherty to Strategic Air Command where he served as B-29 and C-97commander.

Elevating Air Force Career (03:25)

By the mid-1950s, the B-52 was emerging as the premier bomber; Dougherty became 15th Air Force Deputy Director of Operations. Dougherty attended War College and assumed command of the 2nd Air Force. He became Chief of Staff of Allied Command Europe and assumed leadership of SAC in 1974.

SAC Command (02:58)

Dougherty recalls being the first "non-hero" to command SAC. His philosophy represented a turning point— "Peace is Our Profession."

Dougherty's Legacy (04:00)

Dougherty headed SAC until he retired in 1977. Experts discuss his unique management style. Dougherty served as the Air Force Association Director. He believes volunteer service for the nation should be required for citizenship and reflects on the role of women in combat.

Credits: Legends of Air Power: Russ Dougherty (00:23)

Credits: Legends of Air Power: Russ Dougherty

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General Russell E. Dougherty – Career officer who – Russ Dougherty -entered the Army Air Corps during World War II. A judge advocate in the late 1940s, he left the legal world to fly bombers and refuelers. A planner in the joint arena for several tours, Russ Dougherty became the Commander-In-Chief of Strategic Air Command in 1974. During the cold war, Dougherty commanded the most lethal nuclear arsenal in the world. Russ Dougherty is a true Legend of Airpower.

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