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Chuck Yeager: Introduction (01:22)


Yeager was born in West Virginia in 1923. He joined the Army Air Corp during WWI, was the first man to break the sound barrier, won many aviation awards, received the Congressional Medal of Honor, and was the youngest man inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame.

Yeager's Early Life (03:10)

Yeager loved to hunt and fish; C.E. Monday recalls growing up with Yeager. Yeager trained as an aircraft mechanic in the Army Air Corp and became a crew chief. He graduated flight school in 1943 and was assigned to the 357th Fighter Group, flying Bell P-39s.

Fighter Pilot (03:00)

Yeager met his future wife Glennis in Oroville. In 1943, he shot down a Messerschmitt Me-109; Yeager was shot down during his 9th mission. He insisted on returning to combat and rejoined his squadron, completing 56 combat missions.

Test Pilot (05:04)

Yeager returned to the U.S. in 1945 and married Glennis. He participated in test projects including the P-80 Shooting Star and the P-84 Thunderjet, and entered test pilot school. In 1947, Yeager broke the sound barrier in the Bell XS-1.

Gifted Combat and Test Pilot (02:30)

In 1953, Yeager flew the Bell X-1A to 1,650 mph and evaluated a North Korean MiG-15. In 1954, Yeager became commander of the 417th Fighter Bomber Squadron.

Career Promotions (03:06)

In 1957, Yeager returned to California and became the commander of two F-100 squadrons. In 1960, he attended the Air War College and in 1962, became the commandant of the U.S. Air Force Aerospace Research Pilot School.

Yeager's Later Career (02:24)

Yeager returned to operational flying in 1966, became commander of the in 4th Tactical Fighter Wing in 1969, completed several missions in several countries, and became Director of Aerospace Safety. Yeager retired in 1975 but continued to test aircraft for civilian companies.

Yeager's Legacy (01:29)

Yeager celebrates the 50th anniversary of breaking the sound barrier above Edwards Air Force Base. Briefly review his lifetime achievements.

Credits: Legends of Air Power: Chuck Yeager (00:24)

Credits: Legends of Air Power: Chuck Yeager

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Brigadier General Charles Elwood Yeager – World War II ace and the man who broke the sound barrier as depicted in screen classic “The Right Stuff.” Chuck Yeager has had a bigger than life career, always poised on the edge of the envelope. He broke the sound barrier flying “G- Chuck Yeager -lamorous Glennis,” has won nearly every aviation award, was awarded a peacetime Medal of Honor and was the youngest man enshrined in the Aviation Hall of Fame. An aviator with “the Right Stuff,” Chuck Yeager is a true Legend of Airpower.

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