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"Wuthering Heights": Locked in a Room (03:23)


Cathy Linton begs Heathcliff to let her return to Thrushcross Grange and see her father. Zillah lets Nelly Dean leave Wuthering Heights. Edgar Linton asks for an attorney to alter his will. This BBC adaptation of Emily Brontë's "Wuthering Heights" stars Ken Hutchinson, Kay Adshead, Pat Heywood, and John Duttine.

"Wuthering Heights": Cathy Marries Linton (03:20)

An attorney explains that he will arrive at Thrushcross Grange before morning. Linton Heathcliff helps Cathy escape Wuthering Heights. Edgar spends the last moments of his life with his daughter.

"Wuthering Heights": Closing Down Thrushcross Grange (02:32)

Heathcliff pays a gravedigger to open the grave of Catherine Earnshaw. Linton inherited Edgar's fortune, but his father assumes control of the assets. Nelly realizes that Heathcliff delayed the lawyer from arriving before Edgar died so the will could not be changed.

"Wuthering Heights": Heathcliff is Haunted (06:53)

Heathcliff demands Cathy return to Wuthering Heights. Nelly begs to return with them to care for Cathy. Heathcliff believes Catherine haunts him from the grave.

"Wuthering Heights": Cathy Returns (05:27)

Linton succumbs to his illness and dies. Heathcliff asks if Cathy is happy. Linton bequeathed his fortune to Heathcliff.

"Wuthering Heights": Cathy Mourns (02:11)

Hareton Earnshaw tries to show Cathy kindness, but she treats him cruelly and withdraws from the world.

"Wuthering Heights": Mr. Lockwood Arrives (04:32)

A storm begins outside. Mr. Lockwood asks if anyone could direct him to Thrushcross Grange. Mr. Lockwood believes Wuthering Heights is haunted. Heathcliff begs Catherine to come back.

"Wuthering Heights": Nelly Misses Cathy (04:25)

Hareton hits Cathy after she teases him and tosses her books into the fire. Mr. Lockwood informs Heathcliff he is returning to London and pays the outstanding rent. Heathcliff requests Nelly return to Wuthering Heights.

"Wuthering Heights": Nelly Returns (03:57)

Cathy offers Hareton a book and begs his forgiveness for not realizing he helped her. He initially refuses, but relents.

"Wuthering Heights": Planting Flowers (03:06)

Hareton and Cathy grow close. Cathy confronts Heathcliff about stealing their land and fortunes. Heathcliff begins to hallucinate.

"Wuthering Heights": Descent into Madness (03:50)

Heathcliff confides that he no longer wishes to destroy Hareton and Cathy, and forgets to eat or drink. Nelly worries that he is ill.

"Wuthering Heights": Waiting to Die (03:51)

Nelly tries to get Heathcliff to eat, drink, or sleep. Heathcliff asks to send for the attorney to write his will. Nelly suggests that he atone for his sins and find God.

"Wuthering Heights": Attorney Arrives (04:54)

Nelly and Joseph find Heathcliff dead in Catherine's room and they bury him next to Catherine. Cathy teaches Hareton to read, bribing him with kisses. A young boy believes he saw Heathcliff and Catherine's ghost roaming the moors.

Credits: Wuthering Heights: Episode 5 (01:12)

Credits: Wuthering Heights: Episode 5

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Wuthering Heights: Episode 5

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Based on the novel by Emily Brontë, this video is part of a five-part miniseries produced in 1978. Wuthering Heights follows the self-destructive journey of Heathcliff as he seeks revenge for losing his beloved. In this episode, Cathy Linton escapes her captivity, sees her father shortly before his death, and promises she will be happily married to Linton Heathcliff. Heathcliff descends into madness at the tragic conclusion. This adaptation stars Ken Hutchinson, Kay Adshead, Pat Heywood, and John Duttine.

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