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"Under the Greenwood Tree": Christmas Eve (04:01)


Fancy Day travels by cart at night and examines her lodgings upon arrival at Mellstock. Dick Dewy, Robert Penny, and Thomas Leaf walk through the cold to share cider with the Dewy family. Fancy tidies her house.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Gossip and Singing (06:38)

Robert examines Fancy's shoe and describes her as part country girl, part educated lady. Reuben, Elias Spinks, Susan, and Mrs. Dewy consider who Fancy will marry. Dick declares it is time for caroling; Parson Maybold and Fancy meet when listening to the carolers.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Christmas Day Service (04:15)

The congregation sings and the Parson introduces Fancy; she will play the harmonium in addition to teaching the village children. The choir worries they will be replaced; Reuben invites Parson Maybold and Fancy to a Christmas celebration.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Dewy Christmas Party (06:51)

Fancy fusses over her father Geoffrey and tells him she was invited to the Dewy's; he worries about her future. At the party, Dick and Fanny dance; Parson Maybold refuses to discuss the choir with Rueben. Mr. Shinar escorts Fancy home and tells her about his success as a businessman.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Harmonium Controversy (03:23)

Fancy practices the harmonium under the guidance of Parson Maybold; he tells her of visiting France. The choir members arrive to discuss their dismissal and Fancy leaves; Parson Maybold grants them a few weeks grace.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Courting Fancy (04:18)

Dick arrives at the Day home to find Mr. Shinar at supper; Shinar brought lamb and French wine. Later, Fancy apologizes to Dick for her father's enthusiasm toward Mr. Shinar. Dick and Fancy wash their hands in the same bowl and Dick steals a kiss.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Marriage Proposal (05:19)

Fancy prepares the schoolroom and rings the bell for class; she teaches the children about France. Reuben tells Dick to forget about Fancy. Mr. Shinar asks Fancy to marry him and she promises to consider his offer.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": May Day (05:31)

Susan and Fancy discuss Mr. Shinar's proposal and Reuben's desire for Dick to marry Anne Roebuck. At the celebrations, Mr. Shinar asks Fancy if she has considered his offer; Reuben and Geoffrey toast Shinar's proposal. Dick confronts Fancy about their relationship and they kiss.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Confusion about Love (04:14)

Parson Maybold interrupts Fancy practicing the harmonium and sees that she is distressed. Later, Fancy tries to refuse Mr. Shinar, but he professes his love for her. At the Day house, Thomas reveals he saw Dick and Fancy kissing in the woods.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Gossip (03:13)

The choir members arrive at the church drunk and sleep during the sermon. After church, Anne confronts Dick about kissing Fancy; Geoffrey scolds Fancy and orders her to drop Dick.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Fanny Denounces Dick (05:40)

Fancy tells Dick that kissing him was wrong and that they cannot be together. Rueben and Dick disagree about expanding the family business. As Dick drives through the woods, he finds Geoffrey caught in a trap and takes him to Mr. Shinar's.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Dick's Ambition (03:16)

Parson Maybold has the harmonium moved into the church. Dick tells Fancy he will be away to "rustle up" new business. Rueben puts away his accordion and asks Mary if she is happy. Dick talks with a farmer in Budmouth.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Adoration of Fancy (05:44)

Susan admires Fancy's appearance and suggests Parson Maybold would too. After church, Parson Maybold praises Fancy's harmonium performance; Mr. Shinar arrives, followed by Dick.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Gathering at Mr. Shinar's (05:18)

Susan reveals the village gossip about Fancy and Mr. Shinar. Villagers dance outside the walls of Mr. Shinar's place while higher society members make merry inside.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Two Refusals (05:38)

Fancy and Dick have a stilted conversation; Fancy leaves crying. She tells Mr. Shinar she cannot marry him. Anne professes her love to Dick and he discourages her. Parson Maybold tells Fancy he has been asked to become the parson for the British Consul in Venice; Mr. Shinar thinks Fancy loves the parson.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Rekindled Love (04:18)

Elias and Thomas sabotage the harmonium. Mr. Shinar tells Parson Maybold that Fancy loves him. Susan tells Fancy that Dick found her father in the woods, not Mr. Shinar. Fancy encounters Dick at the seashore and they kiss.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Another Marriage Proposal (04:14)

Fancy tells her father she is going to marry Dick and the two argue. Parson Maybold arrives at the schoolroom and tells Fancy they will marry within the month; she refuses.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Humiliating Fancy (03:52)

The harmonium begins to malfunction and the congregation laughs; Fancy runs out crying. Parson Maybold follows her home and reiterates his desire to marry her.

"Under the Greenwood Tree": Girl from Mellstock (07:14)

The choir, led by Dick, serenades Fancy. Fancy tells Parson Maybold that she cannot marry him, she loves another. The Dewy family makes cider and works with other villagers to harvest hay; Fancy asks Dick to marry her.

Credits: Under the Greenwood Tree (00:34)

Credits: Under the Greenwood Tree

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A delightful adaptation of Thomas Hardy's pastoral romance set in the 19th Century. Amidst the surrounding farms and woodlands of the idyllic village of Mellstock, southern England, a love story grows between local boy Dick Dewey and beautiful schoolteacher Fancy Day. But in seeking her hand in marriage penniless Dick finds himself in competition with other more likely suitors, including wealthy landowner Farmer Shiner and local vicar Reverend Maybold. Will true love win out or will the social traditions of Victorian England determine Fancy's future?

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