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King Henry's Inability (03:26)


Stuck in a loveless marriage to Anne of Cleves, King Henry VIII claimed that he was unable to perform sexually because of her ugliness. Catherine Howard enticed and seduced the king. He promised Anne money and power if she agreed to annul their marriage.

Another Royal Marriage (04:38)

King Henry VIII married Howard and the couple enjoyed a private ten-day honeymoon. Rumors began circulating about Howard's past. While attending mass, the king discovers a letter from Thomas Cranmer stipulating that Howard entertained and copulated with men while living at Chesworth House.

Cranmer Investigates (02:29)

Cranmer questioned Margaret Bennet who witnessed Howard procreating with Francis Dereham. British law required queens to be virgins or divulge their sexual history prior to marriage to assure an heir's legitimacy. King Henry VIII cried when Cranmer confronted him with the truth.

Catherine Confesses (02:43)

Cranmer confronted Howard about her adultery with Dereham. She wrote a detailed confession and begged for King Henry VIII's mercy. The king ordered her to Syon Abbey.

Cranmer's New Target (03:20)

Authorities arrested, questioned, and tried torturing Dereham into confessing a current relationship with the queen; he denied it and targeted Thomas Culpeper as Howard's current relationship. When Culpeper's rooms were searched, authorities discovered a letter written by Howard professing her love.

Adultery is High Treason (03:27)

Culpeper confesses that Howard and he intended to have an affair, but never did. Culpeper and Dereham stood trial and were sentenced to being hanged, drawn, and quartered. Parliament condemned Howard to death. She requested the executioner's block so she could practice dying with dignity.

Howard Executed (02:17)

Howard made a speech describing her punishment as "worthy" and "just" outside the Tower of London. King Henry VIII did not witness the execution and started to look for a new bride.

Henry's Final Wife (03:32)

Catherine Parr served as a lady-in-waiting to Princess Mary, after being twice widowed. Financially independent, Parr could marry for love, but instead chose to marry King Henry VIII.

Devout Protestant (03:04)

During the Reformation, the Church of England separated from the Roman Catholic Church. Parr published two prayer books under her name but kept her protestant religion a secret during her reign as queen. King Henry VIII's health improved after marrying her.

Parr Named Regent (04:51)

King Henry VIII attacked France in 1544. Parr started spreading the Protestant faith throughout the court, attracting rivals. Stephen Gardiner overheard the queen arguing about religion and convinced the king to arrest her.

Parr's Arrest Warrant (03:13)

Parr apologized and claimed she only said radical statements to hear King Henry VII's opinion. The couple reconciled.

Perfect Wife (03:20)

King Henry VIII died a year later. Four months later, Parr married Thomas Seymour and became pregnant; she died in childbirth.

Credits: The Six Queens of Henry VIII: Episode 4 (00:36)

Credits: The Six Queens of Henry VIII: Episode 4

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In 1539, after four failed marriages, Henry VIII falls in love with the seductive teenager Catherine Howard. But she turns out to have a hidden sexual past. Finally, her secrets catch up with her, and she becomes the second of Henry’s wives to lose her head. Old and sick, Henry makes one last attempt at marriage. In the kindly Catherine Parr, he seems to have found the perfect wife at last. But when she tries to push Henry into religious reform she too comes within hours of the executioner’s block.

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