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Searching for a New Queen (02:01)


Jane Seymour served as a lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. When King Henry VIII sent Jane a letter, she returned it unopened explaining she wanted to make an honorable marriage. The King began to court her in earnest.

Henry and Jane Become Engaged (02:58)

Eleven days after Anne's execution, King Henry VIII and Jane married. The Spanish Ambassador Eustace Chapuys found the new queen dull and pale. Henry wanted a docile and virtuous bride.

Reinstatement of Mary (04:23)

Jane wanted to reunite Mary with King Henry VIII and restore her title. Mary served as a lady-in-waiting to Princess Elizabeth. In June, the father and daughter reconciled.

Tragedy Strikes (02:09)

The king's son Henry Fitzroy died. King Henry VIII confessed to Thomas Cromwell that he thought Jane and he would never have children. Seven months later, Jane became pregnant.

Jane Gives Birth in 1537 (03:14)

Jane relocated to Hampton Court Palace to begin her confinement. After two days of labor, the queen gave birth to a baby boy as the astrologers predicted. By producing a male heir, she possessed security and power.

Illness Befalls Jane (02:54)

Henry called Jane his "true love" and looked forward to having more children with her. She fell ill from infection three days after giving birth to the future King Edward VI. The queen fought for her life over the next nine days and died on October 24th.

Inconsolable at Jane's Death (02:15)

King Henry VIII mourned Jane's death and buried himself in texts and prayers, refusing to take another wife. England needed an international alliance because the Vatican was threatening war. Thomas Cromwell convinced the king to marry again.

Search for a New Bride (02:24)

After the jousting accident three years earlier, King Henry VIII possessed an open wound on his leg that stank. Cromwell decided the duchy of Cleves would make the best alliance for the marriage. After seeing Hans Holbein's portrait and reading Cromwell's praises, the king decided to marry Anne of Cleves.

Anne of Cleves (04:22)

Anne arrived at Rochester Castle to rest before the wedding in London. Henry VIII, desperate to meet his wife, rode to the castle and disguised himself as a messenger, Anne did not recognize him. The king demanded Cromwell end the marriage contract.

Anne and Henry's Wedding (04:15)

Gossip circulated throughout the court about King Henry VIII's repulsion, but Anne did not speak English and had no idea how the king felt. Cromwell could not discover a reason to break the legally binding contract. Anne arrived at her wedding two hours late.

Marriage in Shambles (02:24)

King Henry VIII explains that he cannot procreate with Anne on their wedding night. Six months after his marriage to Anne, the king grew enamored of Catherine Howard. Lawyers argued that the marriage between Anne and the king was invalid because she had been betrothed to another.

Fourth Marriage Ends (03:39)

King Henry VIII informed Anne he was concerned about her previous marriage contract and offered her an honored place in the household in exchange for an annulment. Anne accepted in a letter and gave back her wedding ring.

Henry Blamed Cromwell (03:42)

Authorities arrested Cromwell for treason, heresy, and taking bribes, and imprisoned him inside the Tower of London. Henry agreed to commute Cromwell's execution from being hung, drawn, and quartered to a public beheading.

Credits: The Six Queens of Henry VIII: Episode 3 (00:36)

Credits: The Six Queens of Henry VIII: Episode 3

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After decades of disaster Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour, finally gives him the son and heir he craves. But tragically she dies within days of childbirth, and Henry’s joy turns to despair. Convinced to marry again, Henry chooses the German princess Anne of Cleves. But all he sees before the engagement is a painting, and in the flesh he finds Anne so ugly he becomes impotent. Now he must fight to escape the marriage, while his advisor Thomas Cromwell pays for the fiasco with his head.

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