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"A Poet in New York": Arriving New York City (03:04)


John Malcolm Brinnin and Liz Reitell meet Dylan Thomas at the airport. The group heads to a bar where Thomas admits he never thought he would turn 40. Liz and Thomas toast a proposed collaboration with Igor Stravinsky. (Credits)

"A Poet in New York": Thomas Unwell (03:18)

Thomas kneels in front of a bucket, retching while John Malcolm Brinnin introduces the poet at a public appearance. Thomas reads "Fern Hill" to the audience, while images flashback on his childhood.

"A Poet in New York": After the Reading (02:40)

Sycophants crowd Thomas offering him alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and sex. Brinnin thinks of Thomas as a friend, but a circus bear. Thomas confesses that he has not written anything new for some time.

"A Poet in New York": Taxi Cab (02:31)

Liz Reitell chastises Thomas for believing he can seduce any woman he meets. The poet insists the group go to the White Horse Tavern. At the pub, Thomas shows a stranger a newspaper article about winning the mile race in Swansea.

"A Poet in New York": At the Hotel (02:15)

Thomas confesses that his wife promised to leave him if he traveled to New York and begs Liz to spend the night with him. She comforts the poet and helps him get ready for bed.

"A Poet in New York": The Next Morning (02:30)

Liz admits that she and Thomas had intercourse the previous night. Thomas confesses that a beer might help him work on his manuscript. He decides to out on the balcony for a cigarette.

"A Poet in New York": Flashback to Happier Days (05:24)

Thomas confesses to his wife that he purchased a home. The poet's father refuses to give Thomas money, but his mother capitulates. Brinnin invites Thomas to visit New York City with all expenses paid.

"A Poet in New York": Composing Poetry (03:49)

Thomas explains how his wife did not like coming to New York City and dictates a letter. Caitlin MacNamara forces her husband to work and he composes "Over Sir John's Hill." The poet regales his daughter with how her parents met.

"A Poet in New York": At Rehearsal (02:20)

Listen to an excerpt of "Under Milkwood." Thomas falls asleep during the recitation and collapses. He hallucinates about his childhood and wakes up.

"A Poet in New York": Doctor's Visit (02:03)

The doctor gives Thomas a prescription and insists he stop drinking. Liz promises to care for the poet.

"A Poet in New York": Excerpts of Poems (03:15)

Thomas recites a portion of "Under Milkwood" to his daughter. Caitlin asks her daughter to keep Thomas company so she can complete her chores. Thomas performs "Little Willy Wee" with actors.

"A Poet in New York": Changing Producers (02:21)

Thomas confronts Brinnin on his lack of involvement in the project and explains that Guzman approached him about another lecture series. Brinnin confirms he sends a portion of Thomas' earnings to his wife. Liz condemns the poet, explaining that Brinnin is trying to help him.

"A Poet in New York": "Letter from Dylan Thomas to his Wife, Caitlin" (02:17)

Listen to an excerpt of the love letter. Walking home from a bar, Thomas sees a poster for Houdini.

"A Poet in New York": Traveling to America (04:59)

Brinnin and Thomas attempt to convince Caitlin to go to New York City. At dinner, she attacks Thomas and is verbally abusive to their guests. Even though the trip will destroy his marriage and erode his health, Thomas decides to go.

"A Poet in New York": Other Lovers (02:39)

Thomas shows Brinnin and Caitlin "Fern Hill." Caitlin confronts Brinnin about loving Thomas. At a party in New York City, a friend convinces Thomas to commit adultery.

"A Poet in New York": Unable to Breathe (02:06)

Two friends tease Thomas about his word usage and breathing problems. The doctor recognizes the severity of the poet's diagnosis and gives him another cortisone injection. Liz offers to cancel the performance.

"A Poet in New York": At the First Performance (03:46)

The actors and Thomas perform "Under Milkwood;" the audience gives a standing ovation. At the party afterward, the Countess offers Thomas a private tour of her home and seduces him. Listen to an excerpt from "The Force that Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower."

"A Poet in New York": End of the Party (04:31)

Thomas apologizes to Brinnin for his behavior. Liz confronts Thomas for sleeping with the Countess and refuses to watch him drink more alcohol. Thomas travels back to a bar and meets a woman.

"A Poet in New York": Changing Producers (04:11)

Thomas cannot breathe and uses his inhaler. Liz delivers a telegram from Caitlin saying that she has no money. The poet signs with another producer who guarantees him $1,000 per week.

"A Poet in New York": Saying Goodbye (04:37)

Thomas visits his father before departing for the American Tour. His father confesses that he married the wrong woman and compliments the poet's talents. Listen to an excerpt of "Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night."

"A Poet in New York": Thomas Drinks (03:15)

Thomas drinks alone in a bar and watches the other customers. He confesses he drank 18 straight whiskeys and falls unconscious. The doctor gives him a morphine shot.

"A Poet in New York": (02:46)

Thomas dreams of Caitlin in Wales as he struggles to breathe. Liz and Brinnin talk to Thomas, even though he is unconscious.

"A Poet in New York": Thomas Dies (04:18)

Caitlin arrives and condemns the onlookers for watching. Doctors restrain her when she becomes uncontrollable. Thomas' spirit leaves his body. The poet died on November 9th at the age of 39.

Credits: A Poet in New York (03:30)

Credits: A Poet in New York

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Marking the centennial on 27 October 2014 of Dylan Thomas's birth, this drama written by acclaimed screenwriter Andrew Davies, explores the final days of this famous poet, known for his wild, hard-drinking lifestyle as well as his brilliance. The film begins as Thomas arrives in New York where he planned to rehearse, write, and party, before travelling to Hollywood to write an opera with the equally famous composer Stravinsky. But what might have been a triumphant new path in his career turned into a requiem for a man whose life had spiralled out of control and Thomas died in smog-ridden New York in 1953 at the age of just 39. Moving between the present in New York and the poet's past in Wales, this drama explores how Dylan Thomas's experiences had made his life virtually untenable and examines the part his destructive personality played in his own demise.

Length: 80 minutes

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