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"Money": Leaving London (03:49)


In his apartment, film director, John Self, reflects on the addictiveness of money before passing out. He departs London for New York to work on his new film "Money," leaving his girlfriend, Selena Street, behind. His cab driver in New York rants about killing minorities.

"Money": Welcome to New York (05:33)

John is met by producer Fielding Goodney, who takes him to a restaurant. They see film star, Butch Beausoleil, who Fielding suggests they cast in their film. Later, John is awakened by an anonymous phone caller.

"Money": Dancing With Myself (03:43)

Fielding tells John that Butch wants to be in the movie, but that John has to ask for more money at an upcoming meeting. In the hotel room, John thinks of Selina, reflecting on his fidelity to her. Later he is in a club dancing alone; intercut with Selina dancing in London.

"Money": Late Night Encounters (04:24)

After being kicked out of a sex club, John runs into an old crush, Martina Twain. They arrange to have breakfast the next morning. That night, the anonymous caller calls again, revealing that he knows much about John.

"Money": Movie Business (04:40)

John wakes in the evening and arrives late to the investor meeting. Afterwards, Fielding congratulates him on his success. He later meets with Lorne Guyland, who tells him that he is virile and wants to do his sex scenes in the movie naked.

"Money": Seduction Scene (04:05)

John returns to his flat in London for a brief getaway. He is seduced by Selina as she describes a sexual encounter with his father.

"Money": Women's Issues (03:53)

At breakfast, John has an argument with Selina and leaves the apartment. He meets with writer Doris Arthur, who tells him his story shows hostility toward matriarchal figures and reveals abandonment issues. She sprays him with mace after he makes a pass at her.

"Money": Darkness and Doubt (04:29)

John’s father Barry gives him an invoice for expenses associated with his upbringing. John gets angry with Selina after learning she went away with someone while he was in New York. On the plane back to New York, fears and doubts overwhelm John.

"Money": Casting Mom (05:22)

John gets a threatening call from the anonymous caller, another from Martina inviting him to dinner, and a third from Fielding suggesting soap opera star Caduta Massi play his mother in the film. Caduta will not do explicit love scenes with Lorne.

"Money": Just One Drink (03:18)

The anonymous caller threatens John if he does not give back his money. Before going to Martina’s, John stops for a drink at the sex club, where he bothers one of the female workers and is thrown out.

"Money": Blackout (03:50)

John, very drunk, arrives late to Martina’s and is told to go home. He wakes up lying in the mud. He later tells Martina he remembers nothing. She tells him of his drunken behavior and offers to help him with his problems.

"Money": Production Issues (05:42)

Fielding announces that Butch Beausoleil will be in the movie and asks John to convince actor Spunk Davies to change his name, which John fails to do. John hates the final script and threatens to quit the production. He decides he will write a new one.

"Money": Rising and Falling (05:25)

John writes a new script; the anonymous caller congratulates him. Selina calls from London. John goes out with Martina, awkwardly tries to kiss her, and she leaves. He goes to the sex club and drinks until he falls on the floor.

"Money": Return to London (04:58)

John returns to London and proposes to Selina. She refuses and tells him she is going to have a baby with Martina’s husband. John drowns his sorrow in alcohol and tries to talk with his father about his mother. Fielding summons John back to New York.

"Money": Hero's Welcome (04:34)

On John’s return to New York, the entire cast congratulates and praises him on the quality of his script. Butch, after having sex with him, suggests that she have explicit scenes with Lorne and more close ups in the film. The anonymous caller castigates John for going to bed with Butch.

"Money": Good Behavior (05:51)

John calls Martina to apologize for his behavior and asks to meet with her. At a rehearsal, he stops a quarrel between Lorne and Spunk. Later, Martina breaks down over the affair between her husband and Selina and John comforts her.

"Money": New Leaf (03:56)

John wakes with no hangover. Fielding tempts him with a wild night out, which he refuses. After a celebration with Fielding and the cast, John goes to Martina’s apartment, where he looks on her as she sleeps.

"Money": Back to Bottom (05:43)

Selina appears, surprising John, and tries to seduce him. Martina walks in on them. Later, John learns that his credit is no good at the bar. The anonymous caller demands to meet John in the alley, where he is jumped by a woman.

"Money": No More Movie (05:43)

John flees the cast, who is angry at the movie falling apart and finds Fielding in his room. Fielding reveals the whole movie is a sham and John is responsible for all the debt. Fielding set him up to punish his bad behavior; John flees.

"Money": London Blues (03:46)

John returns to his flat in London, where he drinks heavily as his furniture is repossessed. He goes to the pub to borrow money from his father, who reveals he is not his real father. Locked in the pub, John resigns himself to being hit by the barman with a sock full of coins.

"Money": Simple Life (02:50)

John botches a suicide attempt. The owner of the bar reveals that he is John’s real father. With money that was invested for him by his mother, he buys the pub and settles into the life of being a bar owner.

Credits: "Money" (00:31)

Credits: "Money"

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A fable of excess and flawed ambition, Money, based on the book by Martin Amis, takes a sharp look at the corrupting nature of capitalism and greed. It stars Nick Frost. It is 1981 and Londoner John Self - a successful director of commercials, a hedonist, and habitual drunk - is invited to New York by film producer Fielding Goodney in order to shoot his first film. But things are not straightforward. Self's cast of acting legends and up and coming stars finds their egos and emotional issues aggravated by the roles they've been given. Back home, his father is invoicing him for his childhood and Self is starting to suspect his girlfriend, Selina, is cheating. Self is also receiving phone calls from a mysterious stalker who seems to know his every move, demanding money and threatening retribution. Meanwhile, Goodney's budget increases by the day. Is John Self's life about to implode? With a strong cast, Money is a bold, irreverent, darkly comic and unsettling ride through the excesses of the 1980s.

Length: 97 minutes

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