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"Measure for Measure": Introduction (06:06)


The Duke of Vienna announces that he will leave the city on a diplomatic mission and have Angelo run the city in his stead. Escalus asks if he can speak openly in front of the deputy. Authorities arrest Claudio while he is dining. This BBC adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" was produced in 1994.

"Measure for Measure": News Spreads (03:40)

Pompey informs Mistress Overdone that Claudio was arrested for getting Juliet pregnant; Angelo proclaims that all whorehouses in Vienna must be closed. The madam informs Lucio that Claudio will be executed in three days. Police raid the brothel.

"Measure for Measure": Lucio Visits Claudio (02:16)

Claudio explains that Juliet is his wife, but they were technically unmarried at the time of conception. Lucio agrees to visit Isabella at the nunnery to ask her to convince Angelo to change his mind. A nun cuts off Isabel's hair.

"Measure for Measure": Visiting a Friar (02:51)

Vincentio explains that he wants to hide, admits he has not enforced the law strictly, and wants Angelo to do the dirty work.

"Measure for Measure": At the Nunnery (03:20)

A nun explains to Isabel that she may speak to men face-to-face because she has not taken any vows. Lucio tells the novice about Claudio's plight. Isabella agrees to help her brother.

"Measure for Measure": Angelo Wants Claudio Punished (02:04)

Escalus agrees that Claudio should be punished, but not put to death. The Provost does not wish to carry out the execution; Angelo insists.

"Measure for Measure": Isabel Arrives (08:24)

Escalus mourns the death of Claudio. Isabella pleads her brother's case and begs Angelo to be merciful. Angelo agrees to think on his decision and the novice should come back tomorrow.

"Measure for Measure": Lust (01:50)

Angelo realizes that Isabel's virtue is what makes him lust after her. Sex had never appealed to him before meeting the novice.

"Measure for Measure": Disguised as a Friar (02:28)

The Provost informs Vincentio that Juliet is having a baby out of wedlock and Claudio will be executed tomorrow. The Duke of Vienna asks Juliet if the sex was consensual and if she regrets it.

"Measure for Measure": Thinking of Isabel (07:50)

Angelo explains that the execution must stand and then asks if Isabel will copulate with him to save her brother. The novice refuses and then threatens to tell the community about his proposition. Angelo points out no one will believe her and will give her until tomorrow to decide if she will accept his proposal.

"Measure for Measure": Isabel Leaves (02:26)

Isabel decides to visit her brother and knows Claudio will agree with her that her chastity is more important than his life. Juliet is in labor.

"Measure for Measure": Isabel Arrives at the Prison (03:26)

Disguised as the Friar, Vincentio comforts Claudio and prepares him for death.

"Measure for Measure": Isabel Sees her Brother (05:55)

The Provost escorts the novice to the prison cell. The Duke overhears that Angelo propositioned Isabel. Initially Claudio agrees that he would rather die than have his sister lose her virtue, but changes his mind; an argument ensues.

"Measure for Measure": The Duke Intercedes (05:13)

Vincentio tells Claudio that Angelo was testing Isabel's virtue and he should prepare himself for death. The Duke of Vienna explains his plan of sending Mariana, who loves Angelo, in Isabella's stead. The novice agrees.

"Measure for Measure": Lucio Complains (07:26)

Escalus knows that Pompey Bum earns his living as a pimp. Lucio spreads rumors about the Angelo and the Duke. Vincentio overhears the gossip and asks the man his name.

"Measure for Measure": Escalus and the Provost (02:09)

Escalus asks the Duke, disguised as a friar, how Claudio is faring. The Provost asks Pompey Bum to help in the execution in exchange for a reduced sentence.

"Measure for Measure": Paying Mariana a Visit (06:25)

Disguised as the friar, Vincentio persuades Mariana to go along with his plan for Angelo. The Provost brings Claudio his death warrant. Angelo demands proof of the execution; the Duke convinces the Provost to execute another prisoner in Claudio's stead.

"Measure for Measure": Mariana Returns (03:54)

Angelo hopes that Isabel too ashamed to accuse him of taking her virginity and will not free Claudio because the man will demand revenge. The executioner and Pompey arrive at Barnadine's cell to take him to the gallows. He refuses to go.

"Measure for Measure": Dead from Fever (04:19)

The Provost and the Duke concoct a plan to use Ragozine's head instead of Barnadine to satisfy Angelo. Vincentio tells Isabel that the duke returns tomorrow, will aid her cause, and to bring a letter to Friar Thomas. Lucio comforts the novice.

"Measure for Measure": Confronting Angelo: Part One (06:42)

The Duke returns to Vienna and praises Angelo. Isabel interrupts the proceedings and claims the deputy violated her. Vincentio orders Isabella to prison for lying.

"Measure for Measure": Confronting Angelo: Part Two (05:20)

Lucio claims that Friar Lodowick (the man the Duke pretended to be in prison) bad-mouthed Vincentio. Friar Peter explains that the Lodowick is ill, but swears that Angelo is innocent. Mariana explains that she switched places with Isabel; Angelo denies the charges.

"Measure for Measure": Father Lodowick Arrives (05:50)

Lucio rips off the hood of the Friar and the statesman realize that it is the Duke in disguise. Vincentio orders Angelo and Mariana be married.

"Measure for Measure": Pardoning Angelo (03:58)

Vincentio orders that Angelo be put to death; Mariana and Isabel plead for his life. The Provost explains that there is a prisoner who was supposed to be executed that he kept alive.

"Measure for Measure": The Provost Returns (04:08)

Vincentio pardons Barnardine and Claudio and asks Isabel for her hand in marriage. Lucio says he would rather be whipped and hung than be married. The Duke thanks Escalus and Provost for their help and good deeds.

Credits: Measure for Measure (01:39)

Credits: Measure for Measure

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Sexually transmitted disease is reaching epidemic proportions. Prostitution, licentiousness and petty crime are on the increase and a new government reintroduces capital punishment for sexual offences. Modern themes in an age-old play as William Shakespeare explores the darker side of society.

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