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"Little Eyolf": Act 1—Alfred Returns Home (03:47)


Alfred Allmer’s half-sister, Asta arrives. His wife, Rita, tells her she is happy that he came home unexpectedly and reprimands Asta for not visiting while he was away. Rita tells Asta that Alfred got up early to give a lesson to their son, Eyolf.

"Little Eyolf": Act 1—Eyolf's Dreams (04:14)

Alfred comes in with his frail son, Eyolf, and explains to Asta and Rita that he did not work on his book while he was away. Eyolf tells his father about his aspirations for the future. Asta tells Eyolf she saw the Rat Wife.

"Little Eyolf": Act 1—Rat Wife (06:44)

The Rat Wife enters, asking if they need any help in getting rid of anything that gnaws in the house. She explains how she and her dog, Mopsëman, lure the rats to drown. As she leaves, she tells them to send for her if they change their minds.

"Little Eyolf": Act 1—Responsibility of Man (06:21)

Alfred explains to Rita and Asta that a change has come over him. He will not write his book, but devote himself to Eyolf, with their help. Rita shows consternation at what he said.

"Little Eyolf": Act 1—Bright Future (02:44)

Borgheim enters and says he has just finished a road-building project and will be going away. He is optimistic for the future. Asta reluctantly goes out for a walk with him.

"Little Eyolf": Act 1—Dangerous Love (04:04)

Arthur and Rita remark that Asta has been acting coldly toward Borgheim. Rita reveals that she wants Arthur solely for herself. She wishes she had never given birth to Eyolf and is angry with Arthur because of his new mission to devote himself to their son.

"Little Eyolf": Act 1—Drowning (05:33)

Feeling sexually rejected by Alfred, Rita says she might do anything to get revenge. Asta and Borgheim return and he reveals that they have broken up. The group is interrupted by commotion outside and learn that Eyolf has drowned.

"Little Eyolf": Act 2—Grieving (04:34)

Alfred grieves and converses with Asta about the meaninglessness of existence. He blames the Rat Wife for Eyolf’s death. She asks if he has talked with Rita about his feelings and he replies he has not.

"Little Eyolf": Act 2—Memories (03:29)

Alfred reminisces about his first memories of Asta sewing mourning attire when their father and her mother died. He remembers her dressing up in men’s clothes and pretending to be his imaginary brother named Eyolf. He says he shared this story with Rita.

"Little Eyolf": Act 2—Brief Respite (05:01)

Alfred realizes that during their conversation, he had forgotten about his son and had a moment of respite. He tells Asta that he feels closer to her than Rita. Bringing up the problems of their parent’s relationship, Alfred concludes that the dead do not allow the living to rest in peace.

"Little Eyolf": Act 2—Evil Eyes (03:54)

Rita and Borgheim appear. Asta and Borgheim depart to leave Rita and Alfred alone. Rita says she cannot stop seeing Eyolf’s eyes. Alfred tells Rita that she got her wish of having Eyolf no longer between them.

"Little Eyolf": Act 2—Guilty Consciences (03:15)

Rita and Alfred accuse each other of never loving Eyolf. He says she is guilty of his death because she seduced him, distracting him when Eyolf had his accident. He concludes they are both guilty and their grief is their consciences gnawing at them.

"Little Eyolf": Act 2—Retribution (06:02)

Rita and Alfred discuss the idea of dying to assuage their grief. He reveals that he no longer loves her and her beauty and wealth is what originally attracted him. Rita says that it was Asta that brought them together.

"Little Eyolf": Act 2—Law of Change (05:04)

After Asta and Borgheim return, Rita suggests they all go to the house. Alfred talks to Asta alone and says he cannot live with Rita and wants to run away with her. Asta reveals that they are not brother and sister and their relationship has changed.

"Little Eyolf": Act 3—Sharing Lives (04:01)

Borgheim and Asta, who are prepared to depart ways, meet. He tries to convince her that to find happiness she must share it with someone, implying himself. She says she found that once with her brother.

"Little Eyolf": Act 3—Final Arguments (03:23)

Asta tells Borgheim that she was happy with Alfred, but things changed when he married Rita. Borgheim tries to convince her to go with him. She says she cannot give all of herself to him and he says goodbye.

"Little Eyolf": Act 3—Departure (03:37)

Alfred appears and learns that Asta and Borgheim are not leaving together; he tries to convince Asta to stay. Rita appears and also tries to convince her, saying she could take Eyolf’s place. Asta firmly decides to leave.

"Little Eyolf": Act 3—Coming to Terms (05:43)

Rita cannot bear the loss of Eyolf. Alfred declares a transformation in their lives. Rita offers to help him with his book if it could keep them together. Alfred says he may leave her and live alone; Rita does not think he can do it.

"Little Eyolf": Act 3—Fellow Traveler (03:43)

Alfred tells Rita how he got lost in the mountains and overcame his fear of death. The death of Eyolf made him hate his own existence. Rita fears he will leave her because it is only when he is with her that he feels his life is meaningless.

"Little Eyolf": Act 3—Revenge vs. Compassion (03:31)

Alfred wishes he could get vengeance on everyone in the village because no one helped save Eyolf. Rita says that when Alfred is gone, she will open their home to the village children.

"Little Eyolf": Act 3—Great Silence (03:54)

Rita says her responsibility to Eyolf compels her to make life easier for the village children. Alfred asks Rita if she will let him stay and work out their relationship. Alfred believes that looking into "the great silence," they may sense the spirits of their loved ones.

Credits: "Little Eyolf" (01:15)

Credits: "Little Eyolf"

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In Little Eyolf, Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs) and Diana Rigg (The Avengers) claw at each other as they suffocate in their unhappy marriage.

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