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"Little Dorrit": A Rejected Suitor (02:42)


The Dorrit family visits a museum in Venice. Edmund Sparkler approaches Fanny but she sends him away. He asks Amy to put in a kind word for him. This BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens' "Little Dorrit" was produced in 2008.

"Little Dorrit": Sparring Politely (02:22)

Mrs. Merdle asks why she has not yet met the Dorrits, as members of London society. Fanny says they have been traveling abroad for many years. Mr. Dorrit expresses interest in meeting Mr. Merdle and investing in his business.

"Little Dorrit": A Bad Man (03:08)

Mrs. Merdle asks Mr. Merdle to occupy Edmund's time to distract him from Fanny. Mr. Pancks advises Arthur Clennam to invest in Mr. Merdle's new bank. A terrified Cavalletto dives through Mrs. Plornish's window, having spotted Rigaud in the neighborhood.

"Little Dorrit": Passing Time in Venice (02:02)

Londoners rush to invest in Mr. Merdle's bank. Mr. Dorrit commissions Henry Gowan to paint his portrait. Henry says Rigaud has returned to London; Pet Gowan suspects he poisoned their dog.

"Little Dorrit": Bitter In-Laws (03:00)

Mr. Meagles advises Arthur to invest in Mr. Merdle's bank. Mrs. Gowan visits the Meagles, asks them to send her son more money, and accuses them of scheming to marry him to Pet. They say they disapproved of Henry for their daughter.

"Little Dorrit": A Secret Exchange (03:40)

Arthur sees Rigaud give a box to Tattycoram and Miss Wade. He follows the women to Mr. Casby's house, where Flora Finching is eating dinner. Flora leaves Arthur with her husband's crazy aunt to announce his arrival to her father.

"Little Dorrit": Mysterious Miss Wade (02:42)

Flora makes unwelcome advances towards Arthur on the way to Mr. Casby's office. Mr. Casby says Arthur has just missed Miss Wade and Tattycoram. Mr. Pancks explains that Mr. Cosby keeps Miss Wade's trust money.

"Little Dorrit": Trusting a Scoundrel (03:29)

At Mrs. Clennam's house, Arthur intercepts Rigaud, who introduces himself as Blandois and says he has private business with Miss Wade. Mrs. Clennam ignores Arthur's suspicion of Rigaud and sends him away. Affery Flintwinch is terrified of Rigaud.

"Little Dorrit": Blackmailed (02:53)

Rigaud tells Mrs. Clennam he knows about her secret, and demands money to stay quiet. She refuses. After he leaves, she confirms that Flintwinch destroyed the documents and orders him not to let Rigaud in again.

"Little Dorrit": Baby Gowan (03:23)

Fanny thinks Mrs. General wants to marry Mr. Dorrit. Pet gives birth to a boy; Henry finds Mr. Meagles annoying and is unenthusiastic about his son.

"Little Dorrit": Ladies of Leisure (01:48)

Fanny tells Amy she has become a nursemaid for Pet and it reflects poorly upon the Dorrit family. Amy does not think she can learn to be a socialite. Fanny says Mr. Merdle is getting Edmund Sparkler a job.

"Little Dorrit": Business Dinner (02:21)

Mr. Merdle invites Circumlocution Office employees for an evening. They agree to hire Edmund on Mr. Merdle's reputation alone.

"Little Dorrit": Social Anxiety (03:35)

The Dorrits and Gowans congratulate Edmund on his new job at the Circumlocution Office. Mr. Meagles voices disapproval at its bureaucratic failures and mentions Arthur's investigation of the Dorrits. Mr. Dorrit has a flashback to the Marshalsea Prison.

"Little Dorrit": Playing at Nobility (03:46)

Fanny acknowledges to Amy that the Dorrits are not quite up to high society's standards. She says she would marry Edmund to spite Mrs. Merdle and to escape Mrs. General. Amy believes in marrying for love. Mr. Dorrit is confused and sad.

"Little Dorrit": House of Clennam under Suspicion (04:31)

Rigaud and Flintwinch meet. Arthur finds a "missing person" flyer of Rigaud; Cavalletto exposes Rigaud as a killer. Arthur visits Mrs. Clennam, concerned she might be implicated in Rigaud's disappearance. She denies involvement, but says he was right to suspect Rigaud.

"Little Dorrit": Mr. and Mrs. Sparkler (03:28)

Fanny and Edmund tell Amy they are engaged. Edmund promises that Amy will always be welcome in their home. Mr. Dorrit blesses the union; Amy tries to be happy for Fanny.

"Little Dorrit": Not Yet Presentable for Society (01:46)

Mr. Dorrit returns to London with Fanny and Edmund. Amy wants to accompany them, but he says she must stay with Mrs. General in Italy and continue her etiquette education.

Credits: Little Dorrit: Episode 6 (00:34)

Credits: Little Dorrit: Episode 6

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“Little Dorrit” is a miniseries produced by the BBC and WGBH Boston and based on Charles Dickens’ serial novel. In Episode 6, Fanny worries about the burgeoning affection between Mr. Dorrit and Mrs. General and pursues marriage to Edmund Sparkler. Mrs. Merdle enlists the help of her husband in finding a way of getting Edmund away from Fanny; Mr. Merdle secures a position for him at the Circumlocution Office. Back in England, Mr. and Mrs. Meagles receive a visit from Henry Gowan’s mother, who repeats her self-invented myth that the Meagles family trapped her son into marriage. Arthur Clennam visits his mother and finds her doing business with Rigaud. Arthur realizes that Rigaud is a criminal, but Mrs. Clennam dismisses his concerns. Rigaud disappears and the House of Clennam is under suspicion. Fanny and Edmund marry in Italy and arrange to return to London. Mr. Dorrit tells Amy she must stay behind to finish her etiquette training.

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