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The Line of Beauty: Fedden House (03:30)


Nick Guest and Toby Fedden arrive to Toby's parent's home in Nottingham Hill. Nick is impressed by its grandeur and antiques. He mistakes Elena, the housekeeper, for Mrs. Fedden; she shows him his room. (Credits)

The Line of Beauty: Dinnertime (03:03)

Mr. Fedden asks Nick about his post-graduate research on Henry James; Mrs. Fedden thanks him for staying to look after Catherine while the family is in France. Later, Toby explains that Catherine has a history of self-harm. The Feddens leave.

The Line of Beauty: Curious About Homosexuality (03:34)

Catherine asks Nick about being gay; he says he and Toby are just friends. She volunteers to find him a sexual partner. While she and her cab-driver friend Brentford have tea, Nick answers a personals ad.

The Line of Beauty: Self-Harm Habit (03:41)

Nick finds Catherine cutting her arm; she asks him not to call her parents. She tries to explain her depression to him and promises not to do it again.

The Line of Beauty: Blind Date (06:27)

Nick meets Leo Charles at a pub; they hit it off. Unable to go to either of their homes, they go to the private garden outside the Fedder home, where they run into Geoffrey Titchfield, a neighbor. Nick loses his virginity.

The Line of Beauty: Surrogate Son (03:25)

The Feddens return from France; Nick keeps Catherine's self-harm a secret. Mrs. Fedden invites Nick to stay longer. They visit her family home in the countryside.

The Line of Beauty: A Rare Privilege (04:38)

Lord Kessler receives the Feddens and discusses political guests invited to Toby's birthday celebration. He shows Nick photos of Henry James visiting the estate in 1903. At the party, Catherine introduces Nick to her lover Russell.

The Line of Beauty: Birthday Party (03:15)

Nick runs into his friend Polly; Polly tells him about a gay waiter named Tristao. They see Wani Ouradi, who has gotten engaged. Mr. Fedden makes a speech honoring Toby. Nick follows Tristao around.

The Line of Beauty: Drunk (04:59)

Mrs. Fedden introduces Nick to her mother-in-law Lady Partridge, who expresses racist views. Nick agrees to meet Tristao later that night. He congratulates Wani on his engagement and falls asleep on a couch, waking in the morning.

The Line of Beauty: Jealous Ex-Boyfriend (06:40)

Leo and Nick visit Pete Mawson at his antique shop. Pete is ill and predicts that Leo will drop Nick soon, since he is not rich. Later, Nick and Leo have sex in a park and Nick professes his love.

The Line of Beauty: Tory Dinner Party (06:38)

Mr. Fedden hosts MP friends; Nick sits next to Penny Kent, Mr. Fedden's new secretary. Barry Groom interrogates Nick about his relation to the Feddens. Brentford brings Catherine home; Russell has ended their relationship. Mr. Fedden and Groom make racist remarks to Brentford.

The Line of Beauty: Closeted (06:00)

Leo reluctantly brings Nick to meet his religious mother. That night, he stays over with Nick. He is impressed by the Feddens' home.

The Line of Beauty: Broken Heart (02:37)

After spending the night, Leo suddenly breaks up with Nick, hinting that it has to do with Pete. As he leaves, the Feddens arrive.

Credits: The Line Of Beauty: The Love Chord (00:42)

Credits: The Line Of Beauty: The Love Chord

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Andrew Davies' adaptation of Alan Hollinghurst's Booker Prize-winning novel set in London in the 1980s. It's 1983 and Oxford graduate Nick Guest is adopted by the rich, privileged family of Tory MP Gerald Fedden. Nick is drawn into the seductive world of the Feddens and finds his feet in London's gay scene, embarking on a secret love affair with a black council worker, Leo Charles.

Length: 60 minutes

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