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Life Inside Jail: Hell on Earth—Episode 2: Introduction (01:47)


The U.S. is home to one fourth of the world's prisoners. The maximum security prison in Albany, New York houses 1,000 inmates. This segment orients viewers to the jail.

Booking Department (02:04)

Approximately 7,000 inmates arrive at Albany each year; the average stay is 42 days. Jarquell Williams is accused of murder.

Maximum Security, Male Tier (02:42)

Williams will live with 25 inmates; over half of New York's inmate population is charged with violent crimes. Inmates attack one another on a regular basis; officers respond to a fight. An inmate receives medical attention.

Commissary and Family (03:23)

Inmates can order items from the prison store. Inmate Shay Hobbs talks to her daughter on the phone. In the U.S., 1 in 14 children have had at least one parent incarcerated.

Nonviolent and Violent Crimes (02:16)

Hobbs is in jail for violating parole. Williams claims he is innocent of murder and is awaiting trial; see footage of the murder. In 2013, over 13,000 people died by gunshot.

Prison Food (02:14)

Inmates receive $8.00 a week to work in the kitchen, preparing over 2,000 food trays every day. Officer Robert Vanderheyden explains the food delivery process. Inmates in segregation complain about the food.

"The Shoe" (02:46)

Problem inmates, including Ralston Avery, live in segregation. He discusses a violent lifestyle.

Family Visits (03:29)

Well-behaved inmates receive one hour visits two times a week; Hobbs has video visits with her daughter.

Female Inmates (02:06)

Approximately 60 women awaiting trial live in bays with up to 10 people. Inmates reflect on their drug use.

Inmate Violence (02:37)

Officers respond to a fight on the top tier. Officers describe Williams as a model inmate; Williams receives medical treatment for bite wounds. Williams' trial will soon start; he faces life in prison.

Williams' Trial (03:34)

Williams leaves the jail for the start of his second degree murder trial. Defense Lawyer Michael Feit argues the lack of evidence linking Williams to the murder weapon. Williams returns to jail at the end of the day.

Drug-related Crimes (02:30)

Inmate Sam Ujhelyi was caught with a large amount of drugs that likely belonged to her boyfriend. Authorities offer to drop charges against her in exchange for testimony against her boyfriend.

Cycle of Crime (02:25)

Hobbs participates in a parenting program. She was arrested exactly 13 years after her mother was arrested.

Last Day of Williams' Trial (03:49)

Marquis Rowlett was shot and killed in downtown Albany, New York; see footage from the scene. Assistant D.A. Daniel Lynch argues Williams' guilt.

Guilty Verdict (02:04)

The jury finds Williams guilty of second degree murder. He remains calm and states that he will be back.

Ujhelyi's Decision (01:55)

Ujhelyi decides not to testify against her boyfriend. She receives a letter from her estranged mother.

Prison Sentence (03:37)

Hobbs will return home in a few weeks; her husband received an extended prison sentence. Williams must serve at least 25 years in a state prison; he filed an appeal. Officers speculate about his future.

Credits: Life Inside Jail: Hell on Earth—Episode 2 (00:38)

Credits: Life Inside Jail: Hell on Earth—Episode 2

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6ft 7’ Jarquell Williams is on trial for murder after being accused of shooting a local man. Meanwhile young mom Shea Hobbs pays the price for covering a string of burglaries committed by her boyfriend; and addict Samantha Ujheyli faces a monumental decision when offered a deal to "snitch" on her boyfriend.

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