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Fighting for Gender Equality (02:37)


The presence of female world leaders doubled in the last ten years. Visionaries like Hilary Clinton allow cameras to document their lives. President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite thinks of her public life as someone else's.

No Women Leaders in Communist Soviet Union (03:45)

Shortly after declaring its independence, Lithuania elected Grybauskaite in a landslide. Joan Smith describes how WWII caused Lithuania to rebel against the Soviet Union. Experts and participants discuss Vladimir Putin's meeting with Grybauskaite.

Leading Lithuania (03:39)

Grybauskaite decided not to run for reelection but Russia's threats and her feelings of responsibility changed her mind. The President of Lithuania describes how Putin's regime changed Eastern Europe. During her tenure, Grybauskaite re-instituted the draft and welcomed NATO forces.

Fighting Against ISIS (03:52)

ISIS captures, rapes, and enslaves female Kurdish Militia members. Hillary Clinton describes how the jihadist organization subjugates women to demonstrate power. Margot Wallström promotes a feminist agenda and meets with Bakar Fattah Hussen, Iraqi's ambassador to Sweden.

Wallström Career (02:21)

Wallström's parents taught her to work hard and do her best. The foreign minister won her first political appointment as a member of parliament at 29. Ban Ki-moon appointed Wallström as a special representative to the U.N. on Sexual Violence in Conflict.

In the Public Eye (02:27)

Wallström describes how society scrutinizes a woman leader's appearance. The Foreign Minister meets with Jakaya Kikwete. Wallström explains to her children that in order to build a better world she must sacrifice time with them and they should be proud.

Controversy as Foreign Minister (04:50)

After Raif Badawi was flogged for questioning religious leaders, Wallström tweeted her consternation. The Arab League revoked her invitation to speak at the behest of Saudi Arabia. The Swedish government ceased selling arms to the country, which retaliated by withdrawing its ambassador and stopped issuing business visas.

First Female Leaders (02:01)

Margaret Thatcher tried to demonstrate that women could govern like men and only appointed two women to her cabinet. Clinton advocated that women's rights are human rights at the 1995 conference in Beijing on women. She describes why she did not talk about feminism during her 2008 presidential campaign.

In South America (02:46)

In 2006, Michelle Bachelet became the first female President of Chile. General Pinochet overthrew the government in a military coup d'état. The regime imprisoned Bachelet's father, tortured him to death and exiled her family.

Changing Chile (02:42)

Despite being a conservative country, Chile elected Bachelet, an atheist and single mother separated from her husband. In order to prove her sincerity about fighting inequality, the newly elected president appointed half of her cabinet to women. Experts describe Bachelet's leadership style.

Leadership Style Criticized (03:18)

Bachelet compares adjectives used to describe women to adjectives used for men. She finished her first presidential term with an 80% approval rating, went to New York to participate in U.N. Women, and decided to run for re-election because Chile was facing so much hardship. Experts describe the scandals she encountered during her second term.

New Generation of Female Leaders (03:11)

Mass protests erupted in India after a woman was gang-raped on a bus. Parliament instituted a quota system to generate female leadership. Chhavi Rajawat serves as sarpanch for her town, following in her grandfather's footsteps and decided to make restoring the reservoir the town's main priority.

Visiting a Hamlet (02:44)

Rajawat wants to develop a hamlet and install toilets because women and children stay there. Men gang-raped two girls in 2010 who were attempting to go to the toilet. Poor Sanitation is linked to 70% of the health problems in India.

Negotiating with Men (02:29)

Rajawat resists the political corruption that was rampant in Soda. She was assaulted last after she mediated a land dispute. Villagers discuss her improvements to the town and recently elected her for a second term.

Making a Difference (02:17)

True gender equality allows women to incorporate different leadership styles. Female world leaders discuss their hopes for future generations.

Credits: Her Story: The Female Revolution—Leadership (00:32)

Credits: Her Story: The Female Revolution—Leadership

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The first episode will explore the role of female leadership in the 21st century. The episode follows several high-profile female leaders, including Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström; the President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaite; President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet; Mayor of Soda in Rajasthan, Chhavi Rajawat; and Kurdish female fighters in the Women’s Protection Unit (YPJ). The episode will examine how the perception of leadership has changed, and how female leaders are redefining stereotypes associated with power and leadership.

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