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"Henry IV: Part II": Act II, Scene 3: (03:51)


Justice Shallow greets his longtime friend Justice Silence and reminisces about when they were students. A page announces that John Falstaff arrives to enlist soldiers into the king's army.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act II, Scene 3: Falstaff Arrives (05:38)

Justices Shallow and Silence introduce Falstaff to unwilling men they gathered for the king's army. Shallow asks if Jane Nightwork is still alive and invites Falstaff to stay for dinner.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act II, Scene 2: The King is Sick (04:59)

Prince Hal confesses that he cannot reveal how sad he is his father is ill. Henry Percy receives letters from his father; Northumberland is sick and will not send his troops to Hotspur. Henry's forces are marching toward Shrewsbury with 7,000 men.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act II, Scene 3: Bribing Officers (03:39)

Falstaff excuses Mouldy and Bullcalf from service. Wart demonstrates how load and discharge a firearm incorrectly. Shallow points out that Falstaff is choosing the worst soldiers.

"Henry IV: Part II": Saying Goodbye (02:54)

The Justices say goodbye to Falstaff. Falstaff plans on swindling Justices Shallow and Silence when he returns from war. Old men are liars and love to talk about the good old days.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act IV, Scene 3: Negotiating Peace (02:12)

Sir Walter Blunt arrives at the rebel camp with a peace offering from Henry IV. Hotspur tries to convince the knight of his issues, but the knight just wants the Percy's to take the deal.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act IV, Scene 2 and Act V, Scene 1: Percy Does Not Accept Peace (03:38)

Falstaff recognizes that he has abused his powers as a captain. Prince Hal questions his poor troops. Worcester arrives and explains that he does not want to fight with the king, but feels he has no choice. Hal offers to fight Hotspur man to man to avoid troops dying on both sides.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act V, Scene 1: Worcester Departs (02:31)

Henry IV tells his leaders to prepare for the impending battle. Falstaff asks Prince Hal to look out for him during the skirmish. Falstaff delivers his soliloquy on honor.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act V, Scene 2: Worcester and Vernon Plot (02:49)

Worcester tells Hotspur about Prince Hal's challenge, but omits the peace offering. Harry Percy explains the time has come to fight. The men prepare for the impending battle.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act V, Scene 3 and 4: The Battle Begins (02:33)

Prince Hal is bleeding from Battle wounds, but refuses to take a break. Falstaff sees Walter Blunt's body on the ground. Hal asks if he can borrow Falstaff's weapon, but only finds a bottle of wine.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act V, Scene 4: Hotspur and Hal Fight (04:35)

Hal says he will cut the ribbons from Hotspur's helmet and make a hat out of them. Falstaff pours wine on his shirt and pretends he dies to avoid fighting with Douglas. Hotspur dies.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act V, Scene 4: Hal Sees Falstaff (05:35)

Falstaff rises, seemingly from the dead, worries that Hotspur is still alive, and plunges a dagger into his thigh. Prince Hal and Prince John enter; Falstaff brags that he killed Hotspur.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act V, Scene 5: Battle Ends (05:33)

Henry IV criticizes Worcester and Vernon for rebelling against him, sentences them to death, and collapses. Falstaff requests he might be able to travel to Gloucestershire to visit Justice Shallow and extols the merits of wine.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act IV, Scene 5: In the Royal Bedchamber (07:17)

After believing his father is dead, Prince Hal expresses his grief and love for the King, and places the crown upon his head, promising to guard its honor. When Henry wakes up, he is furious at his elder son. Hal kneels before his father, begging forgiveness, and explains he was worried the crown would give him bad thoughts.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act V, Scene 1 and 3: In Gloucestershire (06:37)

Justice Shallow hosts Falstaff and his men. Pistol arrives and explains to the group that Prince Hal is now King Henry V. Falstaff orders his men to ride to London immediately, believing Hal will want to see him.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act V, Scene 2: Assuming Command (04:05)

Warwick informs the Lord Chief Justice that King Henry IV has died; the group worries that Hal does not like him. Prince Hal arrives and embraces the Lord Chief Justice as a father and most trusted advisor.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act V, Scene 5: During the Coronation (03:18)

Falstaff, Shallow, Pistol, Bardolph and the Page stand on the street, waiting to see the new king. The Lord Chief Justice confronts Falstaff for speaking directly to the king. Prince Hal banishes Falstaff and orders him to stay ten miles away from him.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act V, Scene 5: Shallow Wants His Money Back (05:15)

Falstaff explains that Hal will send for him privately and that he had to act that way in public. Lady Percy mourns the loss of her husband. Hal promises Prince John his wild behavior is gone.

"Henry V": Act II, Scene 3: Falstaff Dies (03:54)

Mistress Quickly, Bardolph, Pistol, and Doll Tearsheet mourn the death of Falstaff. King Henry V laments his father.

Credits: Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 (01:44)

Credits: Henry IV Parts 1 & 2

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This epic adaptation of William Shakespeare's two plays explores father-son relationships and relentless ambition. In episode two, Henry IV and Prince Hal face off against their rivals, the Percys, in battle. This episode of Performance was filmed in 1995 stars and Ronald Pickup, Jonathan Firth, Rufus Sewell, and David Calder.

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