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"Richard II": Act IV, Scene 1 (03:22)


Warwick delivers a soliloquy from Henry IV: Part 2. Richard II resigns the crown to Henry Bolingbroke or King Henry IV.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act I, Scenes 1 and 2 (04:23)

Ten years later, King Henry IV laments the state of the kingdom when his son inherits the throne. Meanwhile, John Falstaff suggests how Hal should rule the kingdom. Henry IV is jealous of Lord Northumberland's son Hotspur and wishes that fairies switched the two boys.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act I, Scene 3: Henry Rules (03:48)

Henry IV meets with the Percy family and reprimands them for not sending their prisoners to the king. Hotspur explains that a "certain lord" angered him when he showed up clean shaven and acting all haughty at the site of dead bodies. The king refuses to pay Mortimer's ransom and forbids Percy uttering his name.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act I, Scene 2 and 3: Robbery Plans (03:47)

Falstaff teases Hal about participating in the robbery. When Richard II was alive, he named Mortimer the heir to the throne, but Henry intercepted him and seized the crown.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act I, Scene 2 and 3: Additional Plans (05:24)

After Falstaff leaves, Hal and Poins plan an elaborate prank on Falstaff. Hal delivers a soliloquy claiming that he is not really that degenerate—he is pretending; in time, he plans to stage a dramatic transformation. Northumberland, Worcester, and Hotspur decide to release the prisoners except one, who will be used to bargain with the Scottish and appeal to the Archbishop of York to align with Mortimer against the king.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act II, Scene 2: The Theft (03:55)

Poins hides Falstaff's horse. Falstaff worries they will be hanged for stealing from the crown. After Falstaff and the gang rob the travelers, Poins and Hal jump out of the bushes, attack Falstaff and take the stolen loot.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act III, Scene 1: Insomnia (02:00)

King Henry IV delivers a soliloquy about god depriving him of sleep and concludes that kings do not rest because they are burdened with heavy matters.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act II, Scene 4: Falstaff Disgruntled (07:46)

Falstaff enters, calls Hal and Poins cowards for skipping out, and explains that he and the crew were robbed by 100 thieves, exaggerating the details. Hal confesses that he and Poins were the robbers. Falstaff claims that he instinctually knew to behave like a coward instead of killing the future king.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act II, Scene 4: A Messenger Arrives (03:00)

Peto confesses that Falstaff made everyone hack up their swords to make it look like they fought in a brave fight. Sir John Bracy arrives and reports that the Percy family is collaborating with the Welsh, Scots and Mortimer to overthrow King Henry.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act II, Scene 3 and 4: Soliloquy (02:57)

Hotspur reads a letter from someone who refuses to take part in the rebellion because it is dangerous and rants against its author. Hal worries about Harry Percy.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act II, Scene 4: Performing a Skit (05:58)

Falstaff and Hal roleplay what the prince should say to his father. Hal decides that Falstaff makes a lousy king and the pair switches places.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act II, Scene 4: Police Interrupt (02:17)

The sheriff arrives and arrests Falstaff for the robbery. Hal assures the officers that Falstaff will pay if guilty. After they leave, Falstaff passes out and the group finds receipts for food and wine.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act III, Scene 1 and 2: Letters Arrive (02:39)

King Henry IV worries about the future of the kingdom and how his enemies were once his friends. Warwick explains that prophesy is only a guess of what lies ahead. The king would like to forgive Hal, but cannot tolerate his recent behavior.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act I, Scene 2: Henry confronts Hal (05:33)

The Lord Chief Justice complains to Falstaff about leading Prince Hal astray. Henry IV explains to his son he has lost his status by associating with criminals and claims Percy has more of a right to the throne. Hal vows he will fight and kill Hotspur; Henry gives Hal command.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act III, Scene 3: At the Tavern (03:30)

Falstaff mockingly recounts his activities for the past week. Mistress Quickly enters and accuses him of trying to worm his way out of paying back the money he owes. Falstaff claims his ring was stolen.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act II, Scene 4: The Tavern Continues (03:46)

Mistress Quickly, Doll Tearsheet, and Falstaff trade insults. A servant enters and announces Pistol has arrived; the trio hides.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act II, Scene 4: The Party Begins (06:20)

Pistol arrives and insults Doll; Falstaff drives him away. Doll shows Falstaff her gratitude.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act II, Scene 3: At Percy's Home (03:21)

Lady Kate Percy complains that Hotspur neglects her and worries that her brother, Mortimer, is involved. Percy explains that he does not love her.

"Henry IV: Part I": Act III, Scene 2 (03:01)

Lord Mortimer sent word that Douglas and the English rebels met at Shrewsbury; a large army grows. King Henry IV commands that Westmoreland, Hal, and his army depart for the area. Hal decides to make Falstaff in charge of an infantry unit.

"Henry IV: Part II": Act II, Scene 4 (09:09)

Hal and Poins interrupt Falstaff and Doll. Falstaff complains that his pocket was picked and he lost several bonds and an heirloom from his grandfather. Peto arrives and says that a bunch of army captains are looking for Falstaff.

"Henry IV: Part I": Percy Says Goodbye (02:22)

Percy tells Kate that he does love her and will miss her when he is gone. Bardolph returns and asks Doll to go see Falstaff for a proper goodbye.

Credits: Henry IV: Parts 1 & 2 - Episode 1 (01:17)

Credits: Henry IV: Parts 1 & 2 - Episode 1

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This epic adaptation of William Shakespeare's two plays explores father-son relationships and relentless ambition. In episode one, King Henry IV laments his son’s behavior; Prince Hal promised to Change. This episode of Performance was filmed in 1995 stars and Ronald Pickup, Jonathan Firth, Rufus Sewell, and David Calder.

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