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"An Englishman Abroad": Hamlet in Moscow (04:21)


After dozing off in the theater, Guy Burgess excuses himself and leaves; a boy follows him. Guy goes to the bathroom and complains to the lavatory attendant that there is no soap. As intermission begins, Guy exits the building.

"An Englishman Abroad": Backstage Encounter (05:09)

Guy insinuates his way backstage, bursts into Coral’s dressing room, and vomits in her sink. Over small talk, his drunken charm softens her initial coolness; they find the boy spying on them. Coral leaves and Guy pockets several items. As he leaves he bumps into Michael Redgrave dressed as Claudius.

"An Englishman Abroad": Burgess Revealed (03:06)

Backstage, Michael tells Coral he saw a famous spy. After the curtain call, he tells her that she must not tell anyone that Guy was there. In her dressing room, Coral discovers Guy took the cigarettes, liquor, and soap.

"An Englishman Abroad": Secret Communications (04:41)

Coral and Michael return to their hotel room to drink and joke about being surveilled. The next morning, a letter is slipped under her door. Coral reads the letter, goes to her desk, opens her wallet, and pulls out a measuring tape.

"An Englishman Abroad": Dead End (05:14)

Coral is unable to find the address written in the letter and she goes to the British Embassy; a black car follows her. Consuls Toby and Giles give her the runaround and warn her not to meet with Guy. Their secretary, Tessa, tries to find the address for Coral but is stopped by Toby.

"An Englishman Abroad": In Search of Burgess (03:32)

Coral wanders the back streets of Moscow until she meets a man who is willing to lead her to the address. She comes to a litter-strewn apartment block and walks to a building; the black car arrives. Coral ascends a long flight of stairs and finally finds Guy in his apartment.

"An Englishman Abroad": Lunch with Burgess (04:27)

Coral enters Guy’s apartment and sees him using her stolen soap. They sit down to a meager lunch and Guy asks if she’s seen mutual acquaintances in England. They talk about Guy’s love life in Russia. He explains that he invited her for a reason.

"An Englishman Abroad": Measuring a Man (04:10)

Guy reveals that he had Coral bring a measuring tape so she could measure him for a suit he wants her to buy for him when she returns to England. He muses about his past sexual life. Coral suggests they go somewhere else, but Guy says he must wait for a call before he’s permitted to leave.

"An Englishman Abroad": Longing for England (04:12)

Guy plays a Jack Buchanan record for Coral. Gossip is what he misses most about England. He explains that his belief in Marxism has always been genuine; the English do not really care about politics.

"An Englishman Abroad": Talking Honestly (05:41)

Guy talks about his love of England and how dismayed he is at London changing. Coral interrupts him to say that he has been dancing around the issue of treason. A phone call interrupts the conversation and Tolya arrives.

"An Englishman Abroad": Russian Connection (04:44)

Tolya and Guy play a Gilbert and Sullivan song for Coral. Carol and Guy, followed by a tail, go to a Russian church. Later in the hotel lobby, they say their goodbyes.

"An Englishman Abroad": Settling Accounts (04:10)

Croral has a phone conversation with Guy’s mother about seeing him in Moscow. Back in England, Coral goes to a tailor and shoemaker’s shop, where she reactivates Guy’s old accounts and buys him clothes.

"An Englishman Abroad": Englishman's Way (05:05)

Corall takes George out for lunch. She later goes to a shop to buy pajamas for Guy, but is refused; she berates the manager for being a hypocrite. Later in Moscow, Guy puts on his new suit and hat, and proudly takes a walk.

Credits: An Englishman Abroad, by Alan Bennett (01:50)

Credits: An Englishman Abroad, by Alan Bennett

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An Englishman Abroad, by Alan Bennett

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Alan Bates stars in a splendid story by Alan Bennett, based on a true incident which took place in Moscow in 1958. British spy Guy Burgess encounters actress Coral Browne (who plays herself) on tour from the old country. Invited to lunch at Burgess's shabby apartment, he presents her with a strange request.

Length: 62 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64023-800-8

Copyright date: ©1983

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