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"The Devil's Disciple": Westerbridge, New Hampshire—1777 (04:51)


Christopher "Christy" Dudgeon wakes Anne Dudgeon; Anne chastises Essie for falling asleep and sends her to her room. Christopher learns Essie is Uncle Peter's illegitimate daughter and tells Anne that his father Timothy (her husband) is dead. (Credits)

"The Devil's Disciple": Peter's Hanging (03:58)

Anne laments her children's behaviors. Minister Anthony Anderson arrives and they discuss Richard "Dick" Dudgeon's appearance at Peter's execution and his wicked behavior.

"The Devil's Disciple": New Will (04:05)

Anderson reveals that Timothy left his possessions to Dick and Anne becomes angry. She confesses her heart belonged to Peter despite being forced to marry a god-fearing man. She resents Anderson's marriage and tells him to go home; Anderson reminds her of the reading of the will.

"The Devil's Disciple": House Preparations (04:53)

Anne makes Christy help her set the table and get ready for company. Judith Anderson arrives and offers help prepare the house; Anne refuses but allows her to stay. Anne gives Essie strict instructions.

"The Devil's Disciple": Dudgeon Family (04:14)

Essie tells Judith that her father talked about Dick but she never saw him; Judith warns her not to mention Dick. People arrive for the reading of the will. William Dudgeon declares the family will be kind to Essie if she deserves it.

"The Devil's Disciple": Head of the House (03:41)

Dick arrives and offends everyone present. He learns Essie is present and apologizes to her; he becomes angry when he sees evidence of her tears.

"The Devil's Disciple": Reading of the Will (04:39)

Dick asks for a glass of water and Essie leaves to retrieve it. Lawyer Hawkins reads the will: Christy receives £100, Anne receives an annuity of £52 a year, and Dick receives everything else on four conditions.

"The Devil's Disciple": House of the Devil (03:57)

Hawkins affirms the legality of the recent will. Essie returns with water for Dick; he talks to her about the devil. Dick declares that the house belongs to the devil and asks who will rescue Essie; Judith tries to take her.

"The Devil's Disciple": Scare Tactics (02:50)

Dick warns those in the house that King George's soldiers are nearby and looking for people to hang. Everyone leaves and Anne places a curse on Dick. Dick allows Essie to live in the house.

"The Devil's Disciple": Fear and Hate (05:41)

Judith anxiously embraces Anderson when he returns home; she fears the soldiers but vows to be brave. Anderson believes Major Swindon target Dick, so he left Dick a message to come to his house; Judith is unhappy. Anderson teases her about hating Dick.

"The Devil's Disciple": A Man's Life is Worth Saving (05:01)

Dick arrives and Anderson warns him he is in danger of Swindon's gallows; Dick reluctantly stays for tea. Christy appears and announces that their mother is ill, she wants Anderson. Anderson prepares to leave and asks Judith to entertain Dick while he is away.

"The Devil's Disciple": Awaiting Anderson's Return (05:53)

Judith tells Dick she hates him, but does not want him to leave; her tears convince him to stay. Judith and Dick have tea and toast. Dick feels peaceful but recognizes he could never be "domesticated."

"The Devil's Disciple": Mistaken Identity (04:42)

English soldiers arrive and mistake Dick for Anthony Anderson, arresting him as a rebel; Dick does not contradict their assumption. Dick tells Judith to get Anderson out of harm's way and not to try to save him. He kisses Judith and she faints.

"The Devil's Disciple": Anderson's Return (06:19)

Anderson finds Judith on the floor and blames himself for leaving her with Dick. Judith wakes and is distraught. Essie arrives and Anderson realizes Dick was arrested; Judith wants to save both men.

"The Devil's Disciple": Saving Himself (06:08)

Judith reveals her conversation with Dick and that she kissed him. Anderson eventually realizes the soldiers came to arrest him, not Dick, and he sends Essie to the stables for a horse. Anderson takes his pistols and money, and rushes out the door.

"The Devil's Disciple": The Next Morning (04:51)

Judith visits Dick at the prison; Dick reflects on why he let the soldiers think he was Anderson. Judith wants to tell the soldiers the truth but Dick will not let her.

"The Devil's Disciple": No One to Mourn Dick? (05:00)

Dick tells Judith that his mother died of heart disease during the night; only Essie will cry over his death. Judith tells Dick to save himself for her sake. The sergeant arrives for Dick and Judith tells Dick to ask Major Swindon to allow her to visit him.

"The Devil's Disciple": Burgoyne Arrives (03:54)

General Burgoyne informs Major Swindon that the rebels control Springtown. Burgoyne suggests that Swindon hang Dick without delay.

"The Devil's Disciple": Dick's Trial Begins (03:44)

Swindon, believing Dick is Anderson, questions him about his political views. Burgoyne states that if they must hang him, it is because of duty and with no personal feelings of ill will.

"The Devil's Disciple": True Identity (04:40)

Swindon questions Dick about his obligations to King George III and Dick makes treasonous remarks, ensuring his death. Judith begs Dick to defend himself and he refuses; she shouts that Dick is not her husband. Burgoyne sends the sergeant to find a witness to confirm her statement.

"The Devil's Disciple": Christy's Confirmation (04:19)

The sergeant returns to the courtroom with dispatches from the 33rd and Christy; Christy reveals Dick's identity. Swindon recognizes the Dudgeon last name.

"The Devil's Disciple": Condemned to Die (05:13)

Swindon confirms Dick's execution at 12 o'clock. Burgoyne returns and learns Dick is an imposter; he asks Dick about the mayor of Springtown. Soldiers remove Dick and Burgoyne dismisses the court. Burgoyne informs Swindon of a request for safe conduct and that Gen. Howe remains in New York; the rebels will outnumber the British military at Saratoga.

"The Devil's Disciple": The Gallows (06:12)

Soldiers keep the townspeople back from the gallows; Judith bribes the sergeant to allow her to stay. Dick arrives and the chaplain begins to pray; Dick stops him.

"The Devil's Disciple": Failed Execution (03:42)

Judith rushes to Dick and tells him goodbye before the hangman places the noose around Dick's neck. Anderson interrupts the execution and Burgoyne orders the noose removed.

"The Devil's Disciple": Saints and Soldiers (06:18)

Anderson announces he is captain of the Springtown militia; Dick proclaims himself a fool. Anderson asks Dick to see Judith home while he meets with Burgoyne. The soldiers retreat, Essie hugs Dick before chasing after the soldiers, and Judith and Dick shake hands.

Credits: The Devil's Disciple (01:23)

Credits: The Devil's Disciple

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David Hugh Jones directs the adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's 1897 play. The American Revolutionary war is in its second year, affecting even the smallest communities. In a New Hampshire village, Dick Dudgeon, the "black sheep" of his family, believes in the right to happiness and proclaims himself a rebel against the British. Despite Dick's self-proclaimed apostasy, the local minister Anthony Anderson treats him with courtesy. When soldiers mistake Dick for Anderson, Dick allows them to arrest him without revealing his true identity. Cast includes: David Hugh Jones, Elizabeth Spriggs, Mike Gwilym, Ian Richardson, Patrick Stewart, and Susan Wooldridge.

Length: 121 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64023-728-5

Copyright date: ©1987

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