Segments in this Video

"Blue/Orange": Upcoming Session (04:09)


Dr. Robert Smith receives a message from Dr. Bruce Flaherty, confirming their meeting. Christopher practices boxing before meeting with Flaherty; they argue about drinking Coke and alcohol. (Credits)

"Blue/Orange": Christopher's Session (04:28)

Christopher makes a comment about drugs that initially confuses Flaherty. Flaherty asks Christopher why he thinks he is in the psychiatric hospital; Christopher does not know. The men discuss using the term crazy.

"Blue/Orange": Borderline Personality Disorder (05:16)

Flaherty asks Christopher about his diagnosis; Smith joins the meeting, distracting Christopher with coffee and cigarettes. Smith offers to leave but Flaherty wants him to witness Christopher's behavior; the meeting gets off track.

"Blue/Orange": Releasing Christopher? (05:09)

Christopher vows to go somewhere quiet when he gets out of the hospital. Smith and Flaherty try to leave the room to discuss Christopher; Christopher becomes agitated. Outside, Flaherty and Smith discuss keeping Christopher in the hospital longer.

"Blue/Orange": What is Human? (04:01)

Christopher sneaks outside while Flaherty and Smith discuss his release; Smith suggests that Flaherty makes Christopher nervous. Smith and Flaherty bicker about humanity. Flaherty believes Christopher will have a breakdown if he is let out of the hospital.

"Blue/Orange": Bright Blue Oranges (04:11)

Christopher wants to live in Africa. Flaherty asks Christopher to describe the oranges in the fruit bowl; he says they are blue.

"Blue/Orange": Christopher's Father (04:13)

Christopher says his father is Idi Amin and his mother was from Zaire. Amin kicked her out of Uganda because he is old-fashioned. Smith and Flaherty end the meeting.

"Blue/Orange": He is Not Mad (04:17)

Smith wonders if Christopher knows written works about blue oranges; it is possible Idi Amin is his father. Smith questions why mental illness is more prevalent in the black population of London. Is Flaherty's analysis of Christopher ethnocentric?

"Blue/Orange": BPD or Schizophrenia? (06:06)

Christopher angrily unpacks his bag. Smith and Flaherty argue about Christopher staying in the hospital; Smith threatens to take Flaherty off the case. Flaherty and Smith share a drink in the office.

"Blue/Orange": Smith's Assessment (04:34)

Smith asks Christopher questions about his mothers and reflects on human nature. He tells Christopher he is there to help him heal his vision.

"Blue/Orange": Christopher's Proof (04:37)

Christopher surprises Smith with a newspaper article about Amin. He becomes agitated and says he fears for his life; the "baldys" harass him. Smith thinks that someone else's thoughts scare Christopher.

"Blue/Orange": Ethnocentric Treatment (05:17)

Smith tells Christopher that he subconsciously wants to stay in the hospital. Christopher becomes angry, thinking he is being punished because he is black. Christopher tells Smith what Flaherty said about drugs; Flaherty lied to him and looks at him funny.

"Blue/Orange": Complaint to the Authority (05:44)

Smith types a report about Christopher's treatment and Flaherty's behavior; Flaherty confronts him about the complaint against him. Christopher watches an interview with Muhammad Ali.

"Blue/Orange": Provocative and Unorthodox (03:40)

Smith and Flaherty argue about Flaherty's treatment approach with Christopher. Smith explains why there is an inquiry; Flaherty could be charged with negligence, abuse, and racial harassment.

"Blue/Orange": Two Fathers (05:16)

Flaherty asks Christopher if peeling the orange upset him and asks him to peel another. Smith and Flaherty argue about the newspaper article; Flaherty reveals that Christopher told him his father is Muhammad Ali. Flaherty learns that Smith lodged the complaint with the authority.

"Blue/Orange": Who Am I? (04:39)

Christopher reveals that Smith told him he thinks Flaherty's thoughts. Smith tries to convince Christopher to leave while Flaherty tries to convince him to stay. Flaherty and Christopher argue about his hospitalization; Christopher never trusted him.

"Blue/Orange": Paranoia and Oppression (03:38)

Flaherty becomes angry and shouts at Christopher; Smith watches from a doorway. Smith reflects on Christopher's word choice and experiences.

"Blue/Orange": Christopher's Release (03:58)

Smith suggests that Christopher sign up as an outpatient; Christopher questions if he is ready to leave the hospital. Smith writes a prescription and Flaherty apologizes to Christopher. Christopher mentions sexual acts with fruits and bugs before taking an orange and leaving.

"Blue/Orange": On the Streets (02:46)

Christopher wanders the city streets. Flaherty and Smith discuss their working relationship. Flaherty wants to lodge a complaint with the authority.

Credits: Blue/Orange (00:54)

Credits: Blue/Orange

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In a London psychiatric hospital, an enigmatic young man claims, among other things, to be the son of an exiled African dictator - a story that becomes unnervingly plausible. In a fiery and suspenseful debate, his doctor and consultant clash over the patient's diagnosis and treatment. What ensues is an incendiary tale of race, madness and a Darwinian power struggle at the heart of a dying NHS. Filmed on location in London, this dynamic and often very funny adaptation of Joe Penhall's award-winning play retains the music, lighting and sound team from the original stage production, which premiered in April 2000. Blue/Orange is based on Joe Penhall's award winning play of the same name.

Length: 88 minutes

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