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"The American": Deathbed Betrayal (03:53)


The marquis de Bellegarde does not want Claire to marry the marquis de Cintré; Madame de Bellegarde insists. De Cintré threatens to withdraw his offer if he does not receive de Bellegarde's permission. The priest delivers last rites; Madame grants de Cintré permission to marry Claire. (Credits)

"The American": Christopher Newman (04:15)

De Bellegarde startles Mrs. Bread and whispers in her ear. Seven years later, Newman arrives in Paris and meets Tom Tristram. Noemie Nioche chastises the men for being loud in the museum and makes a deal with Newman.

"The American": Staying in Paris (05:34)

Tristram offers Newman societal advice. Newman locates an apartment and meets Tristram's wife Lizzie. Newman returns to the museum and offers to purchase Noemie's artwork; Armand Nioche suggests a business proposition.

"The American": Social Engagement (04:20)

Tristram introduces Newman to women at his dinner party; Claire de Cintré catches his attention. Lizzie introduces Newman to the duchess who suggests that Newman engage in depravity. Newman briefly converses with General Packard; Claire watches.

"The American": Meeting Claire de Cintré (02:58)

Newman learns Claire is a widow. He attempts to introduce himself, but she rebuffs him. At the end of the party, Claire relents and grants Newman permission to call upon her.

"The American": Finished Affair (02:54)

After intercourse, Newman tells Noemie to get dressed and leave. Lizzie gives Newman advice before his meeting with Claire.

"The American": Calling on Claire (05:08)

Mrs. Bread tells Newman that the family does not like foreign ways. Valentin de Bellegarde questions Newman about his fortune and they quarrel about nobility; Henri de Bellegarde attempts to change the subject. Madame de Bellegarde hints at Newman to leave, but Claire urges him to stay.

"The American": Valentin's Changed Demeanor (03:28)

Valentin encounters Newman while out boating and apologizes for his behavior. Tristram, Newman, and Valentin return to Newman's apartments and find an angry Noemie; Valentin declares he is in love. Valentin tells Newman he has no chance with Claire.

"The American": Unannounced Arrival (03:42)

Madame tells Newman that the de Bellegardes are not home to unannounced visitors; Mrs. Bread sneaks him to see Claire. Newman tells Claire he wants hope. Valentin asks Newman for a spare key to the apartment in exchange for helping him with his sister.

"The American": Afternoon Entertainment (06:35)

Valentin, Newman, Henri, and Claire travel by boat to a picnicking spot; Valentin traps Henri in the boat. Newman and Claire talk about cards, Madame, and America. Newman feels he and Claire should have been together years ago.

"The American": Familial Opposition (05:29)

Newman asks Madame if she would favor Claire's consent to be his wife. She declares that Newman will never be a member of the family. Mrs. Bread tells Newman about Claire's marriage; Claire waits in his carriage.

"The American": Dinner Guests (03:38)

Valentin has an affair with Noemie. Newman attends dinner at the de Bellegarde's; the Chevalier is present.

"The American": Horse Auction (03:16)

Valentin explains why Madame invited the chevalier; Claire steals a quick kiss from Newman. Noemie arrives with Count von Kapp; Valentin challenges him. Claire tells Newman she has no choice but to go with the Chevalier.

"The American": Duel of Honor (05:19)

Henri returns Valentin's keys to the apartment and argues with Newman about Claire. The count shoots Valentin in the duel. Newman confronts Claire and Madame as they pack to leave; Newman refuses to give up Claire.

"The American": Family Secret (05:28)

Mrs. Bread leads Newman to Valentin who suggests that something was done to his father. The priest arrives and Valentin dies. Mrs. Bread gives Newman a letter that reveals Madame poisoned the Marquis de Bellegarde.

"The American": Valentin's Funeral (04:37)

Claire nearly faints when saying goodbye to Valentin; Newman enters the church. Noemie runs screaming to Valentin's body. After the service, Newman confronts Madame about the marquis' murder; Henri warns Newman.

"The American": Business Deal (03:57)

Mrs. Bread packs her things and flees the de Bellegarde house. Madame arrives at Newman's and confesses that the letter is true. The two come to a mutual agreement.

"The American": Reuniting (03:22)

Newman finds Claire at the convent. She confesses her fear and Newman vows to return for her after gathering her things.

"The American": Tensions Mount (04:02)

Newman arrives at the de Bellegarde's and finds the family gone. While he speaks with Mrs. Bread, Henri arrives the convent tells Claire about their father's murder. Newman races to the convent and confronts Henri.

"The American": Lost Love (04:10)

Newman races through the convent and finds that Claire cut off her hair. She vows to stay in the convent but wants Newman to think of her as being with him. Newman lets her go.

Credits: The American, by Henry James (01:01)

Credits: The American, by Henry James

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The American, by Henry James

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After the horror of the Civil War, "ignorant" Christopher Newman made his fortune. He travels to France is search of cultural treasures, but he won't get past the Paris nightlife. After an affair with a haughty painter, he falls in love with the daughter of the late Marquis de Bellegarde. For her family's sake, she was married off but traumatized by her abusive late husband. Her elder brother supports their ruthless mother, but junior Valentin is besotted with the artist and strikes a partnership with Christopher.

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