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"After Miss Julie": England, July 1945 (04:06)


John returns from driving His Lordship in town and tells Christine that Miss Julie is dancing with everyone in the barn. Christine serves him kidneys on toast and the couple toasts with His Lordship's best burgundy.

"After Miss Julie": Victory Night (04:16)

Miss Julie enters the kitchen and coerces John into dancing with her. Christine remains behind, finishing a potion for Miss Julie and straightening the kitchen. She falls asleep while waiting for John's return.

"After Miss Julie": Flirting with the Chauffeur (04:40)

John wakes Christine and the couple dances. Miss Julie interrupts their kiss and orders John to put on a suit. John returns and Miss Julie flirts with him; Christine falls asleep.

"After Miss Julie": Seducing John (04:56)

Miss Julie questions John about the war and demands he drink with her; she orders him to kiss her shoe. Miss Julie tries to wake Christine and John stops her. She coerces John into picking lilacs with her.

"After Miss Julie": Forbidden Path (04:25)

Christine wakes to find Miss Julie leaning over John; she decides to retire for the evening. Miss Julie questions John about trips to the theater with her father. He tries to kiss her and Miss Julie slaps him.

"After Miss Julie": Young Love (05:30)

Miss Julie questions John about love. He recalls when he first fell in love with her and reveals that he saw her in the stables with the officer. Miss Julie asks John to take her out in the boat.

"After Miss Julie": Illicit Affair (03:03)

A crowd mobs the door and traps Miss Julie in the kitchen with John. The couple kisses and goes into John's room. Christine wakes to find Miss Julie's bag on the table; she goes to John's room.

"After Miss Julie": A Possible Future? (05:12)

Later, John asks Miss Julie if she is okay and they talk about going to New York. He learns she has no money and his demeanor changes. John taunts her about their intimacy.

"After Miss Julie": Julie's Background (05:55)

John sends Miss Julie conflicting messages about how he feels about her. She decides they will run away together and reveals the circumstances of her birth and her mother's habits. Her father and mother were abusive to each other.

"After Miss Julie": Twisted Feelings (03:58)

Miss Julie promised her mother she would never be a slave to a man. Miss Julie berates John and he mocks her about her ancestors. She asks him to commit to a suicide pact and threatens him with the charge of rape; he apologizes for hurting her.

"After Miss Julie": Low Expectations (06:30)

John tells Miss Julie to get ready to go to the station and hides her personal belongings in the kitchen. Christine brings John clothes for church and confronts him about his affair. Christine tells John that they will hand in their notices and go to London.

"After Miss Julie": John's Second Option (04:17)

Miss Julie comes downstairs and John hurries Christine out the door. Miss Julie shows John her childhood dress and the money she took from her father's desk; he agrees to leave with her. Miss Julie tells John to kill her bird.

"After Miss Julie": Set-Up (03:12)

Miss Julie refuses to leave with John after he killed her bird. She wipes blood on his face, kisses him, degrades him, and threatens to brand him a thief. Christine returns with a razor for John and he leaves to shave.

"After Miss Julie": Going to America? (04:02)

Miss Julie proposes that Christine accompany her and John to New York; she outlines their future. John returns and quarrels with Christine; she takes the car keys and leaves for church.

"After Miss Julie": Born to Obey (04:58)

Miss Julie declares she wants to hurt herself but cannot; she reflects on the influence of her parents. His Lordship returns and John hurries to make him coffee. Miss Julie tells John to order her to kill herself.

"After Miss Julie": Early Interest (03:39)

Miss Julie recalls the hypnotist and seeing John at the fair before the war. She learned John's name because she always felt him watching her.

"After Miss Julie": Just a Bell (03:01)

The bell rings and Miss Julie tells John to pray for her. John tells her to go and she slowly walks away. The bell rings again and John polishes His Lordship's shoes.

Credits: After Miss Julie (01:12)

Credits: After Miss Julie

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After Miss Julie is an adaptation of August Strindberg's 1888 play Miss Julie. Director Patrick Marber updated the classic to England, 1945, on the night of Churchill's election defeat to the socialists. Miss Julie, the daughter of a labor politician, seduces her father's chauffeur, despite his engagement to the maid. She panics the next morning and when confronted by Christine, seems suicidal.

Length: 79 minutes

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