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Why do Rainforests Matter? (01:10)


Rainforests are home to 50% of the world's species, provide ingredients for 25% of medicines, regulate global CO2, and contain valuable resources. Sustainable management is crucial.

Conservation and Education (04:56)

Seven primate species are part of a rehabilitation program. Hector Vargas transports potential predators to the mainland. Ramsar sites like Limoncocha National Park help protect biodiversity.

International Agreements (04:47)

Trees in the Amazon rainforest significantly impact climate change. The Ecuadorian government created the Yasuni-ITT initiative to protect the biodiversity and indigenous communities in the Yasuni National Park; it failed. The government began exploiting mineral resources.

Ecotourism (05:49)

Rainforest tourism generates income for many countries. Yachana Lodge is a small-scale sustainable development that minimizes environmental damage. Learn ways money from ecotourism benefits the community.

Agriculture, Logging, and Microfinance (05:43)

Slash and burn was a sustainable method of farming until recently; see a pie chart of deforestation in the Amazon. NGOs work with farmers to develop new farming techniques and control logging. Micro-schemes help farmers diversify.

Credits: Tropical Rainforests: Sustainable Management (00:13)

Credits: Tropical Rainforests: Sustainable Management

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Ecuador needs to exploit the Amazon's resources to develop, so leaving the forest untouched is not an option. This program looks at the challenges of achieving sustainable management in the Amazon. It explores the political and economic factors that contribute to sustainable management and the role of businesses, governments, indigenous communities and NGOs. Examples include eco-tourism, bio-reserves and conservation, community projects and sustainable agriculture.

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