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Why are Rainforests Cut Down? (01:30)


Hector Vargas' family has lived in the Amazon for generations. Millions of hectares of rainforests have been cut down since the 1970s. Colonists and workers change the lives of indigenous people.

The Value of the Rainforest (04:49)

Approximately 25% of all medicines derive from rainforest species. The Amazon is home to over 2.5 million species; biodiversity affects the climate. The Amazon provides several resources and is an important area for growing cash crops.

The Impacts of Oil Extraction (06:34)

Oil was discovered near Vargas' home in the 1960s; the government thought the discovery would transform the economy. Extraction results in deforestation, pollution, and road building; roads expose isolated areas to new threats.

The Impacts of Roads (05:26)

Roads restricted the movement of animals and allowed colonists to move into the area, resulting in deforestation. Many indigenous people lost their lands; their culture is beginning to disappear.

The Impacts of Plantations (04:19)

The number of oil palm plantations is increasing; palm oil can be found in many products. Palm and soya are not native to the Amazon and require cleared areas and pesticides to grow.

Benefits and Impacts (02:26)

Oil accounts for 50% of exports in Ecuador, generating $11 billion a year. Oil production has not helped those who live in oil producing areas. People around the world benefit from the rainforest; deforestation has negative consequences.

Credits: Tropical Rainforests: Threats and Challenges (00:13)

Credits: Tropical Rainforests: Threats and Challenges

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Tropical Rainforests: Threats and Challenges

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Follow our indigenous environmental campaigner, as he introduces you to his rainforest world and explores the threats facing it. This title considers the value of rainforests, both locally and globally in terms of their goods and services. It then explores the impacts of deforestation and the threats from logging, cattle ranching, commercial palm oil production and oil and mineral extraction. Climate change, soil erosion, water pollution, loss of biodiversity and the impacts on indigenous communities are all considered.

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