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Honoring Noah (03:46)


The Sandy Hook Massacre took the lives of twenty children and six teachers. Veronique Pozner lost her six year old son during the massacre.

Mass Shootings (03:15)

Lisa Millar interviews Pozner about losing her son in the Sandy Hook Massacre in February 2013.

Assault Weapons (03:06)

Assault weapons are the primary reason for the massive loss of life in mass shootings. Pozner is lobbying for a buyback program on assault weapons to prevent loss of life.

The NRA (03:54)

The NRA is a powerful lobbying group that uses its financial resources to promote gun ownership. The group argues that everyone has a right to own assault weapons.

Sandy Hook Conspiracies (03:11)

Conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook Massacre have been created by "gun truthers." Lenny Pozner has dedicated himself to removing these theories from the internet.

Continuing Victimization (04:05)

The parents of Sandy Hook victims are harassed by people who believe the massacre was a hoax. Eric Milgram, whose daughter survived the shooting, explains the mental impact on his daughter and shares his opinion on assault weapon laws.

Gun Control (03:45)

Some parents of the victims of Sandy Hook are suing the gun manufacturer in an attempt to hold them accountable.

Credits: Honoring Noah (00:37)

Credits: Honoring Noah

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Honoring Noah

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It’s the question posed after Orlando and every other massacre: Will America ever regulate guns? ABC Australia correspondent Lisa Millar revisits a mother who lost her little boy to a mass shooter and who, remarkably, sees positive signs of change.

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