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Visiting the Children (02:32)


Parents leave behind their children in local villages in order to obtain big city jobs. The Chinese government granted the Australian Broadcasting Corporation access to these children, but sent along 15 individuals to act as minders. Li Yikui has not seen his father in four years, and his mother visits once a year. (Credits)

Living Away from Parents (02:42)

Chinese residency permit system charges more money than factory workers can afford to bring children to urban cities. Yikui would feel guilty if his parents remained in their small town with not job opportunities. He lives with his grandparents on the weekends.

Damaged Generation (02:25)

Children whose parents leave suffer emotional trauma and anxiety. Experts believe the solution is to reform the residency permit system. In the town of Xicheche 80% of the children grow up without their parents.

Making a Difference (04:42)

Pan Yayun works for "Children Charity International" as a social worker. Liang Mingzhao and his sister receive the first phone call from his father in years. Yayun wants to teach the parents that their children are not a burden.

Ling Family (03:03)

Xiang Ling cares for her grandmother and three younger cousins in addition to attending school. Joseph Lim receives a call from sister Weisheng, the family's sponsor. Ling's youngest cousin wants a birthday cake this year.

Example of Child Left Behind (03:32)

Being constantly berated by her grandmother has left Xie Bingxin with no self-esteem. Her grandmother no longer wishes to care for her. Yayun and Lim conspire to remove the girl from her home.

Wanting to Quit School (03:22)

Xiang Bao wants to move to the city, get a job, and never speak to his grandparents or the charity again. Lim tries to convince him to stay and learn a trade. The charity worker describes how history repeats itself in cases like Bao.

Centers for Children (02:00)

Children Charity International created a center for children without parents. Another center provides two meals a day to help provide proper nutrition. One-third of the left behind generation will become involved in illegal activity and another third will require psychiatric care.

Good News for Yikui (03:08)

Yikui's mother visits and she explains to Yikui that she will pay for his schooling in the city in two years. Yikui is thrilled.

Credits: Generation Left Behind (00:17)

Credits: Generation Left Behind

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More than 60 million Chinese children are growing up without their parents, paying the price of their country’s dash to prosperity. ABC Australia correspondent Matthew Carney reports on the generation left behind.

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