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Rewilding Movement (03:33)


Wild animals are returning to Europe after centuries. Barbara Miller searches for the Scottish Wildcat in the Ardnamurchan Peninsula. Dr. Paul O'Donoghue discusses his mission to save the species and compares its behavior to feral cats.

Surveying Scottish Wildcats (04:29)

O'Donoghue works with landowners to determine population numbers. Laird Ewen Maclean gives conservationists access to his estate. O'Donoghue sets a camera trap with canned mackerel; view footage of the endangered species.

Scottish Wildcat Conservation Program (04:04)

Hybridization with feral and domestic cats threatens the endangered species. O'Donoghue convinces locals to neuter their cats. Veterinarian Nick Morford tracks down a feral cat; competition for food is also an issue.

Preserving Genetic Diversity (02:49)

Morford neuters feral and domestic cats to prevent hybridization with the Scottish Wildcat. O'Donoghue lobbies to have every cat in the region neutered, spayed, and micro-chipped to save the endangered species. Philanthropist Sandy Lerner says saving predators is critical for ecosystem conservation.

Purist Conservation Viewpoint (02:06)

O'Donoghue argues that captive breeding programs defeat the purpose of species conservation; Scottish Wildcats should breed in the wild. He is involved in bringing wild lynx from Romania for a trial rewilding project.

Wild Lynx Release Controversy (04:51)

O'Donoghue hopes to reintroduce the species into Kielder Forest; apex predators will control deer populations. Sheep farmer Greg Dalton is concerned they will target his livestock. O'Donoghue says they may hunt foxes, reducing threats to sheep; Dalton remains skeptical.

Large Animal Reintroduction Projects (04:29)

European Bison were reintroduced to Denmark. Professor Jens-Christian Svenning believes elephants will face extinction and advocates introducing them into European countryside. O'Donoghue says the Rewilding Movement should focus on ecosystem appropriate species like the lynx.

Credits: Wild Things (00:18)

Credits: Wild Things

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Wolves and bison roaming Germany and the lynx returning to the UK, as Barbara Miller reports, endangered animals are being reintroduced to wild places as part of a radical and controversial idea called rewilding.

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